Roos & Roos Exclusive Collection launched at Salam Stores Qatar

The luxurious and exceptional perfume collection of Roos & Roos was launched at Salam Stores in The Gate Mall Qatar.

Welcoming the guests was the founder, Ms. Chantal Roos, a legend in the perfume world.    “Roos & Ross is a unique brand.  A company formed in the spirit of two women, arising from their combined talents.  A feminine voice that rises loud and clear in a world often dominated by men”, exclaimed Ms. Roos.

The brand is a story of transmission and passion written by two generations from very different creative fields that complement each other, the meeting of perfume embodied Chantal (the mother) and music by Alexandra (the daughter).

Ms. Roos introduced the collection and added that the perfumes are “made to rigorous standards in France with the finest raw materials”.  Every Roos & Roos fragrance embodies “the excellence of a tradition unique in the world, illustrating inimitable, rare and precious skills”.

Roos & Roos are “distinctly uncommon perfumes that imbue the women who wear them with their own singular values.  Companions of a confident lifestyle free from clichés, they delineate a liberated, bold, sometimes cheeky personality”, summarizes Ms Roos.

The Roos & Roos Exclusive Collection is now available at Salam Stores, Qatar’s leading department store that features luxurious collection of beauty creations from the world’s most renowned brands.

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