Rotana Hotels in Qatar honor the local media body

Rotana Hotels in Qatar, Oryx Rotana, City Centre Rotana Doha and Centro Capital Doha have honored professionals from the local media body representing the local newspapers, magazines and news websites in recognition of their continued support for the brand's hotels over the past year.

During the event held at Oryx Rotana’s Choices restaurant, celebrating the “1001 Arabian nights” theme night occurring every Tuesday, senior management from the three hotels welcomed the media and expressed their gratitude and praised their vital role in supporting the tourism sector in the country, not only by promoting hotel facilities but by highlighting locally, regionally and globally the most important tourist destinations, events and activities in the country, and shedding the light on the essential role played by the industry in placing Qatar on the world tourism map.

The event was wrapped up by distributing the “Rotana Rewards Exclusive” Cards to the attendees for their active role in supporting the tourism sector in Qatar and supporting the efforts exerted by the State and the National Tourism Council.

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