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An array of Pantone colours in hand, Christian Louboutin reinterprets its iconic lipstick with the first refillable and customisable collection Rouge Louboutin SOOOOO…Glow. Christian Louboutin’s atelier invites you to play and create your own lipstick.

Inside his jewel box? Fifteen intense shades with a unique texture.

Three pop colours for the iconic Rouge Louboutin case in a refillable version and six emblematic charms to add to a pendant or chain.

Fifteen shades, three cases, six charms: invent your own version of Rouge Louboutin.

1, 2, 3, SOOOOO…Glow!

And your tailor-made lipstick appears. The magic formula? That’s for you to create in three steps.

1 - Select your shades

Intensely-pigmented, this new texture with buildable coverage illuminates your lips in two simple gestures. Transparent and sensual, the first application leaves a comfortable balm that intensifies in colour and radiance with a second application. A range of 15 smooth and vibrant shades, easy to apply.

Red show, Ruby Retro, Burgundy Babe, Orange Euphorie, Tapis Rose, Peach Cabaret, Beige Curtain… From one shade to another, you can change this refillable stick to suit your desires and personality. What’s more, the lipstick formula is vegan.

2 - Choose your case

Beauty object or fashion accessory, the choice is yours. Rouge Louboutin arrives in three pop versions: Red, Pink and Yellow, transforming the case into a talisman to dangle from your chain or key ring.

3 – Add your charms

Drawn by Christian Louboutin, these six emblematic charms work their magic when they hang from your Rouge Louboutin SOOOOO…Glow lipstick. An Elisa bag, a spikes sneaker, red lips, a stiletto, a medallion or “la pensée” – Christian Louboutin’s favourite flower – six charms also to adorn your keychain or hanger.

With SOOOOO…Glow, your Rouge Louboutin becomes unique.


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