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RSPR Athleisure: Sustainably Made for Your Safety and Comfort

Fashionable, liveable, and not just for the gym, RSPR athleisure is a game-changer

Qatar-based sustainable brand, RSPR (pronounced res·pir – Latin for breathe), launches its new athleisure collection, becoming the first homegrown business with clothes made from recycled plastic bottles, and pioneering antimicrobial properties.

Championing thoughtful design, eco materials, and customer comfort in the perfect coming together of safety and style, this collection takes inspiration from founder and designer, Rina Saleh’s penchant for pursuing earth-friendly ideas. Sustainability is a key driver in influencing the fashion that she wants to create and RSPR’s athleisure wear is the perfect combination of relaxed flair with intricate fabric chemistry.

Carrying the same ethical and eco-conscious elements that Rina used in RSPR’s debut line of dynamic face masks – which was born out of the global pandemic – the brand’s athleisure wear is a beacon of hope for the future, bringing a new offering, independent of Covid, and ready to shake up the activewear market.

The new collection reflects Rina’s long and storied interest in fitness alongside her goal to create chic clothing which isn’t made through processes that hurt the environment: “I wanted to do athleisure wear as those are the clothes we all wear and actually live in,” Rina says. “But it needed to be sustainable – that was important. I knew the technology was there, and there was no other way I was going to create this collection, but to be as ethical as could be.”

The dedication in formulating this collection was showcased through the six months it took to choose the right fabric mix. “The real challenge wasn’t getting fabric made out of plastic bottles,” Rina recalls. “It was the chemistry lesson – how do you add the antimicrobial element to it? Getting the right combination of recycled plastic, and softeners in the fabric, then adding the right antimicrobial treatment; it had to look right, feel right, and be good for the environment,” Rina adds.

Staying true to the mission of protecting the environment, the collection is made from recycled plastic bottles and antimicrobial fabric. The result is sweat-eliminating garments that provide protection in killing odours and bacteria, whilst ensuring 100 percent comfort. In addition, all purchases come in biodegradable packaging, eliminating even more plastic waste.

The advantages of antimicrobial properties are abundant, allowing the fabric to keep you safer in the gym, or when you’re travelling, and even on your daily social errands, by killing the bacteria it comes into contact with. The fabric also lasts longer with fewer washes needed, contributing to a cut down in waste, and general wear and tear.

With 10 sleek styles and over 40 pieces within the collection, RSPR is designed for both genders in a range of colours, and inclusive sizes. Hoodies, leggings, sweats, t-shirts, shorts, and socks, all make up the collection. Naturally, the clothes are produced in South Korea, a global leader in the use of antimicrobial fabric – for its pro-eco certification – as well as high- standards of assembly care.

The beauty of each garment is the abstract print that can be found on them, which illustrates a number stating how many plastic bottles were used in the making of that piece. It’s attention-to-detail like this – plus robust CSR activities, and exciting collaborations – that showcase just how much positive change RSPR brings to the fashion landscape.

With an abundance of creative ideas, a vision for positive impact, and sustainability at the forefront of the designs, RSPR is headlined to be a revolutionary brand within Qatar.

RSPR garments are made for everyone. Whether you want to work out or meet your friends for lunch, there’s an ensemble ready and waiting for you to don. Switching from fast-fashion to RSPR clothing is certainly not a sacrifice, it is a smart investment in the future of the planet, the numerous health benefits, and the long-lasting durability of what’s in your closet.

RSPR Collection is stocked at Harvey Nichols, Qatar, and will be available September 5th-18th at Beebolt Booth located on the ground floor of The Gate Mall. In addition, international shipping will soon be available via the brands website at


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