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For many seasons, BOSS and HUGO have highlighted the importance of designing pieces that are not only sophisticated and innovative, but that align with both brands goals to do their parts to protect the planet for generations to come. As part of the two brands’ continued journey towards a more sustainable future, this Spring/Summer 2022, BOSS and HUGO introduce their Less Water initiatives.

Comprised of over 40 versatile styles from casualwear to formal attire, these pieces have been crafted using fibers that require less water consumption during cultivation or the production process, and are dyed using more sustainable dyes with a focus on water reduction. By 2025, 30% of all products will contribute to a special water preservation footprint by the chosen responsible wet process. Water preservation of BOSS and HUGO products means dyeing/tanning/washing/treatment processes with a minimum of 30% water consumption reduction.

From collaborating with initiatives like Recot2 and SeaCellTM to partnerships with TENCELTM Lyocell by Lenzing AG - where the fibers are manufactured in a closed loop production process so over 90% of the solvent can be recovered - the brands are stating their commitment to their sustainable product strategies.

Across many of the Spring/Summer 2022 BOSS and HUGO styles, linen makes a prominent statement. Linen is a robust plant that needs almost no artificial watering and requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers during cultivation. Other pieces are partially crafted from SeaCellTM, a pioneering fiber produced from sustainable raw wood and seaweed. Thanks to a closed solvent circuit, all process liquids and water is recycled and re-used in this patented production.

It is more than just the fibers used that make these styles stand out from the rest of the RESPONSIBLE range – the dye processes used also require less water. AVITERA® dyes, for example, consume around 30% less water and energy that traditional dyeing methods. Furthermore, the production facilities selected, all have a high-quality water recycling system in place.

Continuing the energy from the branding refresh, the Be Your Own BOSS, and How Do You HUGO campaigns launched in early 2022, and to further underline the bold CLAIM 5 strategy, the brands make clear that part of becoming your own boss is making thoughtful choices, and always keeping the planet in the mind.

BOSS and HUGO have energized their younger consumers by finding engaging and innovative ways to communicate across social platforms. Along with the release of these Less Water styles, the brands will share educational content on Instagram and TikTok to inspire continued advocacy for sustainability topics.




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