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Self-Portrait FALL 2019 COLLECTION

For fall, the Self-Portrait woman embraces the season with a chic—and adventurous—wardrobe. She is cosmopolitan and she is global, and through this she carries herself with a blend of effortlessness and elegance. Part Parisienne eclectic, part modern marvel, her attitude and her impression are thoroughly contemporary (if, partially, inspired by her personal nostalgia).

A fresh and polished—yet intentionally mixed-and-matched—spirit filters through autumn, with eveningwear being a notable focus. Solid blocks of color, be they in striking white or sophisticated black, are jux-taposed against checked, striped or floral patterns. Silhouettes retain a sense of formality, but they’re not high-drama or old-fashioned in tone. Rather, they’re designed with a current, easy approach to evening inmind.

Skin and cloth combine to create angular visuals; shoulders are exposed, while sleeves both arc and bell to enhance volume. Tailoring is another key point; blazers are cinched through the body, while waistcoats are transformed into dresses that break into pleats or new applications of lace (throughout the collection,Self-Portrait’s signature lace is entirely reimagined).

The concept then shifts into a more textured aesthet-ic: metallics flash, velvets glint, miniature sequins are embroidered onto featherlight transparent mesh,and lurex is woven into banded knits.

The result synthesizes into a present-day confidence; with the disarray of the world today, the Self-Portraitwoman, with these new, fundamental essentials, is thriving in the now.


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