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BOUCHERON - Serpent Bohème novelties


In 1968, Serpent Bohème became the focus of a mesmerising jewellery narrative that continues to this day. With its head evoked by a subtle droplet shape and its chiselled body rippling under its golden scales, over the years this motif has become a great classic in Boucheron's repertoire. A majestic demonstration of the craftsmanship of Boucheron's jewellers. Although over the last fifty years the motif has seen a few variations; no precious drop crowned with gold beads, a new way of being worn, or its diamond paving exchanged for a new set of coloured stones - turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl -, its spirit has remained unchanged. It has evolved from pendant to bracelet, from ear jewellery to ring, from watch to headband, but always retained the aura of mystery that surrounds women of character. Choosing Serpent Bohème means choosing a special, powerful and protective talisman that embraces femininity. Just like the Boucheron woman, Serpent Bohème has panache, but is still gentle, and it has never been so free.


Serpent Bohème is first and foremost a subtle mix of materials worked with infinite virtuosity. A series of codes constantly replayed.

The head? A delicate drop crowned with gold beads, paved with diamonds or inset with a richly colored gemstone.

Its honeycomb structure allows the light to softly pass through the stone.

This drop seems to almost come alive thanks to the body of gold sculpted by the jeweler craftsmen who are able to animate the material to reveal soft, vibrant scales.

The bohemian creation is further delicately enhanced by a twisted chain, one of the Maison's hallmark features, and here finer than ever.


Double motif ring

Two sparkly drops, paved with diamonds and crowned with yellow gold beads, this beautiful ring is perfectly symmetrical and adorns the neighbouring fingers too.

Triple motif ring

A new design for this ring that features the Serpent Bohème motif in three different sizes. Three drops with diamond pavé framed by gold beads. Like a flower revealing a hint of bare skin between its three petals.

Hand ring

Two-finger ring or hand jewellery? A bold piece with a contemporary look! Three drops taper away on either side from the middle. These are paved with diamonds and rimmed with gold beads and form a graphic horizontal line that spans almost the entire width of the hand. A spirited and strikingly contemporary ode to the captivating world of Serpent Bohème.

Bangle bracelet

A twist-sculpted chain wraps sensuously around the wrist. This slightly open bangle has no clasp and is delicately flexible. It features two diamond-pavé drops. A sensual combination of yellow gold, sparkle, light, and bare skin.

Pendant earrings

In white or yellow gold, these eight drops form a cascade, a graceful flow of diamond-pavé motifs. The subtle honeycomb openwork on the reverse side of the motif allows light to pierce through. These earrings can be worn in two ways: keep them long for going out in the evening or remove five of the motifs with one simple movement for a lighter, more casual look.

Style Tips


An understated look for a statement piece? Not necessarily. The beautiful graphic design of this hand ring makes it the perfect accompaniment to a tailored mens'-style suit, but it has a fun side too, so combine it with a leather jacket, a mix of necklaces and a pair of boots for an ultra-contemporary look.


Multi-motif, multi-looks! Three lots of sparkle and a play of scale give this ring its own unique character. Effortlessly ultra-feminine, it looks even more stunning when paired with a Serpent Bohème bangle bracelet or long earrings.


This ring is subtly suitable for all occasions. Worn alone or together with one or two of the single motif rings, it adds a touch of chic to a fancy outfit and a touch of glamour to your everyday wardrobe.


Be tempted to infinity! In their long version these earrings become ear jewellery and will add panache to any cocktail dress. When shortened into three motifs, they will show off a cashmere turtleneck over a tight pencil skirt to perfection or brighten up the soberest of suits. And for the more adventurous, try wearing one earring on its own with oversized, bold designs.


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