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In 1968, Serpent Bohème unveiled a captivating dance of jewelry that still performs to this day. Serpent Bohème is considered a classic in the Boucheron repertoire, with each piece beautifully showcasing the expert craftsmanship of the Maison’s watchmakers. If, in the last fifty years, the motif has taken the liberty to free the precious drop from the gold beads that crowned it, its spirit has always remained unchanged. This spring, Serpent Bohème is adding to its collection of jewelry watches with two new models, each with a steel dial measuring 23 millimeters in diameter. Made in steel, mother-of-pearl and diamonds, these two timeless custodians of style are available with a leather strap in either black or white.



A black leather strap embellished as if by magic with the two iconic drops of the Serpent Bohème motif paved with sixteen diamonds, a polished steel case and a mother-of-pearl dial. This jewelry watch with authentic vintage flair is a memento of just how precious our time is. Its refined style evokes all the codes of past and present Serpent Bohème collections, while moving with the time of the new season.

Jewelry watch in steel with diamonds, mother-of-pearl dial with 4 diamonds, black leather strap


Minimal white, polished steel and brilliant diamonds: this watch is an exquisite expression of the precious alliance between know-how and style at Boucheron. The leather strap adorned with two Serpent Bohème drops paved with sixteen diamonds holds a forged dial set in a steel case. Studded with four diamonds, the understated dial is freed from counting the hours, with two fine steel hands gliding over the mother-of-pearl background.

Jewelry watch in steel with diamonds, mother-of-pearl dial with 4 diamonds, white leather strap


All diamonds and mother-of-pearl, this watch can be worn whatever the season, but is at its best when adding a little lift to a spring outfit. Paired with a double-motif Serpent Bohème ring in white gold, it offers a stunning contrast against the softness of a powder-pink knitted dress. It also pairs beautifully with a light animal print jacket or, if you dare, the bold combination of a long slip dress, denim jacket and black boots.


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