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Shanghai Me Presents an Exclusive Cultural Experience in Collaboration

with Renowned Artist Ali Al Naama

The upscale restaurant hosts an exceptional exhibition combining art, culture and gastronomy.

Open to restaurant guests until the end of June.

Shanghai Me, the highly acclaimed Pan Asian restaurant, is hosting a unique art exhibition featuring the paintings and sculptures of internationally renowned Qatari artist, Ali Al Naama. Running until 27 June 2023, the exhibition invites art enthusiasts and the public to dine at Shanghai Me while enjoying Al Naama’s masterpieces.

With his work on display in prestigious galleries worldwide, Al Naama leaves a lasting impression on viewers with his intricate, profound, and symbol-laden conceptual art pieces. Al Naama draws inspiration from the feeling of freedom and liberation from the open sky and his art consequently showcases the Arabian falcon and its wings, expressing his genuine admiration for birds. In Chinese culture and folklore, birds have always held a significant place, with each bird carrying its own unique symbolism. Some of the sculptures and paintings that can be seen at the exhibition include metal sculpture Feather Patterns, carbon fiber sculpture Feather Nebula, oil canvas paintings Flame, The Phoenix, Feathered Overlaps, Flash, Freedom, and more.

Shanghai Me held a VIP opening event on May 27 for this captivating exhibition within the elegant ambiance of the restaurant. The event was a great success with attendees representing many Qatari institutions such as Qatar Museums, Fire Station, Ashghal, as well as local media and socialites. Notable artists and individuals from various creative disciplines also attended, enriching the event's atmosphere with their expertise and appreciation of Al Naama’s artistic expressions.

Accompanied by delightful hors d'oeuvres and signature drinks from Shanghai Me, guests enjoyed an elevated networking experience which was concluded with a delightful surprise; a dessert collaboration between Shanghai Me and Ali Al Naama. The dessert was a 90cm tall chocolate recreation of Ali Al Naama’s sculpture Birth of a Legacy, that left a lasting impression and exemplified the creative synergy between both the art and culinary world. One of the guests was invited to break the chocolate egg, the replica of the sculpture, with all attendees able to take a piece of the chocolate art home with them.

Commenting on the opening of the exhibition at Shanghai Me, Artist Ali Al Naama said: “My art seeks to transcend boundaries and connect cultures, just as the collaboration between Shanghai Me and myself brings a unique cultural experience to the community and to highlight the interconnectivity between art and the environment. As a Qatari artist, I am proud to showcase my work to my community here.”

Shanghai Me’s Director of Operations Hadi Aknin also commented on the exhibition, stating, "It is a privilege to partner with such a talented artist and to host this unique exhibition. The opening event was a celebration of art, culture, and culinary excellence, offering guests a truly unique and memorable experience. We extend our sincere appreciation to Ali Al Naama for his inspiring artwork and to all attendees who made this event a resounding success. At Shanghai Me, we look forward to more collaborations that will serve as a bridge to connect our brand with the artistic scene in Qatar.”

Shanghai Me is an upscale eatery that combines traditional Shanghainese flavors with contemporary flair, offering a dining experience that is both elegant and approachable. Located in West Bay with breathtaking sea views, Shanghai Me boasts a team of master chefs with diverse expertise in culinary operations overseen by renowned celebrity chef Izu Ani, as well as executive chef Yukitaka Kitade from Japan, and head chef Xiong Wang from China.

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