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Saudi Arabia to be a focus of Spain Tourism’s marketing strategies once international travel becomes possible

Spain Tourism has appointed AVIAREPS, a global tourism representation leader, as its joint marketing and public relations representative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The appointment, which comes into immediate effect, is part of an initiative spearheaded by the regional tourism office, responsible for marketing of Spain as a tourist destination in the region, to expand its engagement and promotional activities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At a time when travelling between countries is challenging, this partnership will pave the way for Spain tourism to enhance its presence with an expert team on ground to demonstrate its commitment to the Saudi market.

As part of the initiative, AVIAREPS will be developing and implementing a slew of highly targeted marketing and public relations activities that both engage and educate Saudi Arabia’s outbound tourism professionals so that they can develop innovative and enticing holiday itineraries to Spain that showcase the country’s unique attractions, culture, natural landscapes and lifestyle experiences.

Says Daniel Rosado, Director of the Spanish Tourism Office for the Middle East: “This is the first time for Spain Tourism to appoint a joint representative in Saudi Arabia and is symbolic of the importance and dedication we have for further engaging and developing our connections with the Saudi market. We are very excited to collaborate with AVIAREPS in this regard and confident in their expertise to position Spain as a year-round travel destination of choice for Saudis, once it is safe to do so.”

Said Glenn Johnston, Vice President Middle East & Global Public Affairs, AVIAREPS: “It is an honour to be associated with Spain Tourism and be entrusted to promote one of the world’s most popular and exciting tourism destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In anticipation of international travel coming back online for travellers from Saudi Arabia, we look forward to rolling out a number of marketing and promotional initiatives in the months to come.”

Spain is a historical melting pot of civilizations, with traces of many cultures evident in its ancient Roman architecture, medieval castles, and buildings steeped in Islamic influences, to name a few. Spain is home to 48 UNESCO World Heritage sites and ranks number one in the world with its 52 Biosphere reservation areas. . In addition to its cultural and natural wonders, Spain offers a plethora of lifestyle experiences including exciting shopping, exclusive luxury and gourmet experiences, theme parks and entertainment making it perfect for couples, families and groups seeking meaningful travel experiences that create memories that last a lifetime.

For further information about Spain please visit the official website of Spain Tourism:


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