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Spring into the Season with Rasasi Perfumes

Ahead of UAE Mother’s Day, Rasasi highlights key floral ingredients used within their best-selling fragrances to commemorate mothers across the Emirates

As the season of winter bids us adieu and the freshness of Spring begins to set in, it’s that time of year again to celebrate the tireless efforts, appreciation and unconditional love provided by mothers. Share more everlasting moments through the gift of scent this coming March and harmoniously encapsulate the essence of the celebration through a mixture of subtle yet charismatic scents that are fresher, more floral and more natural. Rasasi Perfumes, one of the foremost leading perfume houses in the region, uses only the finest natural ingredients within their fragrances, bringing to the UAE and wider GCC, their ambrosial elements from a number of different countries around the world including Bulgaria, Cambodia, Australia and India.

Some of the most popular natural ingredients used within perfumes are flowers and fruits, with floral fragrances being the top pick of many as they embody a sweet and refreshing scent perfect for spring-time. When combined with the right ingredients and manufactured using the proper technology and techniques, floral fragrances can remain everlasting and worn all year round, no matter the season. Some of the key florals used within Rasasi’s bestsellers include Jasmine, also labeled as “la Fleur” in the perfume industry known for its delicate, pleasant and sweet scent. Known to alleviate stress and anxiety, helping the body to unwind, it’s a gentle nod of recognition for the hard work that mothers put into their family’s day in and day out. Typically used within the heart of many fragrances, Rasasi highlights this popular note in numerous scents including the much-loved Qasamat collection and the Sotoor Raa perfume.

Known as the “queen of flowers”, the Rose is another popular ingredient used in bountiful nature-inspired fragrances. Natively found in Asia, Europe, North America and North-western Africa, the rose is said to emulate a refreshing, vibrant scent that awakens the senses. According to in-depth research conducted by Rasasi’s in-house experts, Rose is featured in 75% of modern feminine fragrances. Rose perfumes are also said to have been highly popular in historical ages and frequently used by Greek goddesses and their Roman counterparts. A proud acknowledgment of the strength and power that comes from motherhood, Rasasi features the Rose in a variety of fragrances such as Junoon Velvet Pour Femme, Junoon Satin Pour Femme and Oudh Al Boruzz – Rooh Al Assam to name a few.

Lavender, loved by many and a native plant of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India, has also gained its place as one of the top ingredients used within floral fragrances. Widely recognized for its soothing, calming and aromatic qualities, Lavender is lightly used in feminine scents, working well alongside numerous other aromatic ingredients including patchouli, bergamot, and neroli. With multiple health benefits in addition to its elegant nature, Lavender can be seen as a symbol of health and happiness and is used within a range of Rasasi fragrances including Sotoor Waaw and Sotoor Taa perfumes.

Throughout history, floral fragrances have gained a cult following as their scents linger and standout. For over four decades, Rasasi has contributed to creating the finest perfumes that epitomize sophistication to one’s persona, all while highlighting numerous luscious notes used from within nature or are nature-inspired. Transcend the traditional protocol of flowers this year and celebrate UAE Mother’s Day with a gift that can be appreciated through each and every season and is seen as an eternal appreciation.


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