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SunKiss - From coconut mineral SPF to after-sun glow oil

From coconut mineral SPF to after-sun glow oil, the homegrown brand provides luxury and eco-friendly beach bag must-haves for safe and lush tanning

SunKiss, the UAE’s first luxury, sustainable sun care line offers beach essentials that make a difference to the planet. The mineral SPF range, alongside the new Glow body oil, are reef-friendly, natural and packaged in recyclable and refillable aluminum. Available online at, and retailed at leading five-star hotels, and at Faces stores, the entire range is locally-manufactured. As the temperatures rise and people spend more time outdoors and at the beach, it’s essential to keep skin protected from harmful rays, while getting that oh so desirable summer glow.

SunKiss offers a curated product edit, with something for each member of the family. Featuring the new tan-enhancing Glow Sun & Body Oil, as well as their signature luxury sun protection lotions, the brand ensures that time under the sun is spent safely and carefree.

SunKiss Glow Sun & Body Oil | AED 160

Enriched with vitamins and other skin-loving ingredients, the Glow Sun & Body Oil accentuates the after-sun glow that every beach dweller seeks. Infused with a tropical coconut scent, this glow enhancer will highlight any tan with a healthy lush radiance. For the ultimate sun-kissed glow, the body oil is best layered over the signature SunKiss Coconut Scented SPF 30 while tanning, to achieve that sexy bronzed skin.

SunKiss Coconut Scented SPF 15 & SPF 30 | AED 160

With a scent reminiscent of a tropical getaway, this broad-spectrum oil formula guarantees total protection for the perfect day under the sun. Unlike other sunscreens, the SunKiss sun lotion offers immediate protection upon application and is reef-friendly. Locally produced, it is the SunKiss signature product and best-seller.

SunKiss Unscented SPF 30 for Men | AED 160

Created for men, the SunKiss unscented SPF offers the all the sun-protection benefits of the signature formula in a clean neutral version. Offering SPF 30 with broad-spectrum protection, the formula is lightweight and fast absorbing with immediate effects. Made to be reef-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free, the sunscreen is an essential for men, or those who prefer fragrance-free skincare.

SunKiss Junior SPF 30 for Children | AED 160

A carefree day under the sun requires the utmost shield for children’s sensitive skin. Formulated to be gentle and fast absorbing, the SunKiss Junior SPF 30 offers a powerful combination of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to provide instant protection. Free from irritants, toxins and fragrance, the product is an integral part of family beach and pool days.

SunKiss Aftersun Rescue Moisturiser | AED 120

Prolonged sun exposure requires special moisturising and nourishing after-care. With a non-greasy and quick to absorb formula, this super-blend of Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil offers everything to sooth and nourish the stressed skin. The unique features make the product gentle enough to be used as a daily moisturiser which is an added benefit.

SunKiss products are available at , FACES Spring Souk and Mall of the Emirates, as well as leading hotels and resorts including Mandarin Oriental, Grosvenor House, and Rosewood Abu Dhabi. For more information about the brand and other retail locations, please visit and follow on socials for updates and latest news.


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