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Genny’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection garners “good energy” as the focal point of its aesthetic, conveying messages of vital positivity inspired by the lowbrow art movement born in the 70s in Los Angeles that influenced the pop-culture era. The solar landscapes, sophistication, and warm international wave of Los Angeles are traits of the artistic perimeter that creative director Sara Cavazza Facchini has outlined for Genny’s feminine woman.

Genny interprets its SS23 campaign with supermodel Sara Sampaio a Portuguese-born beauty whose origins, oceanic sunshine, and spontaneous temperament make her the perfect archetype that resembles the feminine and exceptional Genny woman.

“I chose Sara Sampaio because I saw the imprint of her femininity that aligns with the inspiration of this collection in Sara’s expressive capacity. She is a young woman capable of strong emotional impulses and a natural aptitude for empathy. Her elegant and bright image reflects the powerful, vital, spirit of Genny’s fashion identity,” said Sara Cavazza Facchini, creative director of Genny.

The campaign was shot by Dario Catellani whose work is highly regarded for reflecting the contemporary female image, in addition to the styling done by fashion stylist Cathy Kasterine. The combination of these talents led by Sara Cavazza Facchini brings out this collection's freshness, color, and vitality that reverberates the metallic materiality of fabrics, the geometries of the cuts, and the chromatic expressiveness of the Genny style.


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