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As the festive season draws to a close and the New Year rolls in La Marquise Jewellery presents a brand new collection featuring one of the world’s most exclusive gemstones.

The Tanzanite stone and its iconic iridescent violet-blue hues is one of the rarest known gemstones in the world due to its immense scarcity. Exclusively sourced at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in a small area spanning just 14 km², the unique gemstone was discovered less than 5 decades ago. Today, expert geologists predict the stone’s lifespan will last just one generation. Unlike rubies, sapphires and emeralds that have existed for centuries

La Marquise Jewellery’s top designers have been tasked with creating pieces that are timeless, as Tanzanite has been earmarked as the heirloom stone of the century. Encapsulating the beauty for generations to come, the designers have ensured the stone is the focal point of each hand crafted piece. From cocktail rings such as the Pear Tanzanite Ring and Magical Wonder Ring which boasts a 32 carat Tanzanite surrounded by a web of fine white diamonds.

Perhaps a classic pendant and earring set for those extra special occasions. Marvel at the beauty of intertwined white gold, diamonds and tanzanite stones in stunning unison with these classic pieces.

The future of the Tanzanite stone is uncertain, but one thing we can say for sure, is that it won’t be around for long, meaning its value is sure to increase.

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