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Tata Harper Skincare Launches in the Middle East: The Pioneer of Green and Luxurious Skincare

Adored by celebrities, beauty editors and loyal customers across the globe, Tata Harper is revolutionizing luxury skincare by creating high-performing products that are non-toxic and 100% natural. The iconic brand, with a cult following, launches in the Middle East in October 2020 on, Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall and Harvey Nichols Dubai, followed by Bloomingdale’s Kuwait, with plans for further launches across the region.

Tata Harper, Founder and CEO of Tata Harper Skincare, commented on the launch,

The milestone of launching in the Middle East is an exciting new frontier for Tata Harper Skincare. We are delighted for this opportunity to engage with an even broader audience of men and women who deserve to look and feel amazing, without having to compromise their health. We continue to push boundaries and innovate the next generation of beauty so we can deliver luxurious and effective skincare products to our customers around the world. I truly believe that beauty and grooming should never feel like a chore, but something that enhances your everyday. It means the world to me to be able to share this philosophy with our customers in the Middle East, who hold these same values and rituals to such a high standard.

As the Founder and CEO of Tata Harper Skincare, Tata Harper knows that beauty is more than skin deep. Growing up in Colombia in a household full of women with a deep love for the ritual of beauty, Tata quickly realized that self-care was a luxury that everyone deserved. On an endless search for non-toxic yet high-performing skincare products following her stepfather’s cancer diagnosis, Tata decided to create them herself. Seeking the top botanists and chemists in the industry to crack the code, she embarked on a five-year journey to develop her unique formulation process and propriety bio-engineering technology for creating her signature Complex Formulas, grounded in the philosophy that more ingredients equals more results.

Using the latest technology, the full range of luxurious, high-efficacy products are formulated with the highest-quality natural ingredients available. Created from start to finish on the Harper's 1,200 acre certified-organic farm in Vermont Champlain Valley, nothing in production is outsourced, allowing Tata to oversee every aspect of production to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Every Complex Formula is engineered with the highest possible quantity of precious skin innovative ingredients, captured at their most effective peak for maximum potency and meticulously packed into a small green bottle. With 450 retailers in over 30 countries and more than 50 awards garnered in less than 5 years, Tata Harper continues to deliver outstanding results with each of their latest innovations.

Tata Harper Skincare is available on, at Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall and Harvey Nichols Dubai,

and is distributed exclusively in the Middle East by Wild Distribution.


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