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London hotel launches library containing literature proven to aid a peaceful nigh

The ZZZ-list Features a Specially Curated Selection of Books Designed to Help Guests Sleep, Many of Which Were Chosen Specifically for Guests from the Middle East

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane has partnered with its neighbour Hatchards, the oldest bookseller in London, and a Sleep Expert and Chartered Psychologist, to create the ZZZ-list, an exclusive library containing a specially curated selection of books designed to help guests get the best night’s sleep possible.  With falling asleep in a new bed being one of the biggest challenges faced by travellers, the one-of-a-kind library houses 30 scientifically selected fiction and non-fiction works that will ease weary travellers into a peaceful slumber.

Working with Dr David Lewis, Sleep Expert and Chartered Psychologist, a unique set of guidelines were devised that the books had to meet, such as use of short sentences and concluding chapters meeting the brain’s desire for completeness. This formula was used by Hatchards to curate the ZZZ-list library placed in the hotel’s exclusive Club Lounge. 

Sitting on a bookshelf tailor made to house the ZZZ-list, books included have been categorised into age brackets (Generation Z, Millennial and Generation X). Open to guests of their Suites, Club Rooms and members, guests can enjoy a read in the comfort of their room or the peaceful lounge, where access includes breakfast, beverages and canapés throughout the day.

Dr David Lewis said: “A leading theory suggests that sleep may provide the brain with an opportunity to “rebalance” itself. Falling asleep in a bed that isn’t your own can be difficult and the ever growing use of smartphones and tablet computers during evening hours can cause sleep disturbances – meaning those staying in a hotel can sometimes find it harder to get to sleep.”

The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane already boasts the renowned Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience, featuring innovative bedding and fragrance collections, designed to help guests attain the perfect night’s sleep. Justin Pinchbeck, General Manager at the hotel, comments: “Adding ZZZ-list access to our Club Room offering was a natural step for us to elevate the hotel experience for our guests. We are also lucky enough to have a number of international guests, so it was really important for us that the ZZZ-list included stories relevant to all cultures.”

Sleep-inducing guidelines used to formulate the ZZZ-list included:

Books that avoid a large amount of detail and follow a simple narrative structure such as the Penguin Book of English Short Stories will help the reader drift off. The more complicated the story  structure, the greater the cognitive effort needed to make sense of it.

Stories with concluding chapter ends meet the brains desire for completeness. An incomplete chapter creates the ‘Zeigarnik Effect’, a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that something has been left undone, a feeling that makes sleep less likely. Century Girls, One Fine Day and Still Me fit this criteria with their concluding chapter ends. 

Stories constructed with lengthier sentences lead to successful sleep therapy. These produce long slow (alpha) waves in the brain found in a relaxed state, rather than short faster waves (beta waves) occupied with solving problems. Tangerine, Conversations with Friends and Wind, Sand and Stars all have lengthier sentences making them the perfect read before bed.

The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane’s ZZZ-list is open now in the Club Lounge and available for Lounge members and those staying in a Club Room or Suite. 

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