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Create your personal narrative by mixing elements of the Fusion collection by Georg Jensen. An endless combination of rings, earrings and pendants in rose, yellow, white gold and diamonds, form to create pieces that are just as individual as you are.

Fusion lets you create new expressions with a personal touch by stacking pieces that fit into each other like pieces in a puzzle. Rings and bangles can be worn individually or layered and mixed with other materials to create a uniquely personalized look.

To add a little sparkle, diamonds are set by hand in a pattern that emphasizes the beautiful profile of the rings whilst also maximizing the diamond surface. Scintillating sapphires, emeralds and rubies add a touch of color to the collection.

Nina Koppel, who began her collaboration with Georg Jensen in the 1980s, is the woman behind the design of the iconic rings, ushering in a new way of thinking in modern jewellery. What made the fusion ring stand out was the ability of the wearer to design it according to their tastes – whether it be rose, yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds; it could always be ensembled in a unique combination.


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