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This year, the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift is both beautiful and high-tech. The Beautifect Box is a ‘portable beauty studio’ that redefines how you do your makeup. Equipped with high-tech features, the Beautifect Box revolutionizes how and where we do our daily routines by providing makeup or skincare on demand. It’s an inspiring, intuitive invention to perfect your look, save you time, and make your life easier. It’s the high-tech Valentine’s Day gift you actually want, and need.

The Beautifect Luminous system perfectly simulates five lighting environments, with three brightness settings, to check your look in different lighting scenarios – evening light, office light, photo light, daylight and bright sun. A CRI of 90+ lets you see true to life colours and shades ensuring you get a flawless finish every time.

Fully rechargeable with a single charge providing up to a month of usage, the lightweight case also has a generously-sized distortion free glass mirror and magnetic 5x magnification mirror, a smart storage system for pencils, brushes and palettes, and a laptop-inspired hinge which has been specially engineered to tilt and hold the mirror to any angle.

Instagram: @beautifect

It can be purchased from


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