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Etro unveils its new Fall Winter 2021/22 advertising campaign, “The House of Etrovaganza” - a pure expression of the brand's eclectic and haute-bohemian style.

The images shot by Julien Martinez Leclerc deliver a unique portrait series that captures the many souls of ETRO’s new generation featuring diverse faces and talents, free and authentic, inspired by the love for art and the beauty of nature.

Embracing a refined and nonchalant aesthetic, rooted in the brand’s enlightened tradition and evolving vision of luxury - timeless and extravagant at once – the protagonists pose for the camera in a spontaneous and absolutely individual way.

The single long take video brings to the screen a vibrant mix of real and poetic characters, each one with their own unique attitude, from the painter to the skater, the ballet dancer to theater performers.

The joy of color and prints – ETRO’s signature trait – emerges through the iconic Paisley, and through the intricate flair of the new patchwork and jacquard motifs playing with Renaissance memories, ‘70s flashbacks and rock accents.

Photography: Julien Martinez Leclerc

Styling: Giovanni Dario Laudicina & Géraldine Saglio

Talents: Lola Nicon, Maty Fall Diba, Nicolas Dax, Valentin Humbroich, Zoe Petit, Sonny Charlton,

Hyunji Shin, Moustapha Sy, Sharon Alexie, Mila van Eeten, Rayane Allali, Anita Lorusso

Creative Director: Macs Iotti

Casting Director: Piergiorgio Del Moro

Make Up Artist: Karin Westerlund

Hair Stylist: Louis Ghewy

Location: Milan


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