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In the early 1900s, as travel began to capture the imagination, LÉTRANGE, a brand with a legacy dating back to 1838, pioneered a concept that would forever change the way we journeyed. They introduced the world to the patented luggage tag in 1926 – the Porte-Adresse, a functional yet elegant accessory that quickly became a symbol of their innovative spirit.

Patent for the Porte-Adresse with a flap

This visionary creation showcased LÉTRANGE's commitment to both form and function, offering travelers a sophisticated way to personalize their journeys. From then on, LÉTRANGE became known as the 'creators' of this travel essential, setting the stage for a legacy that would continue to redefine travel with their signature quiet luxury.

Drawing inspiration from his globe-trotting grandmother, Henriette, Sébastien Létrange, the seventh-generation custodian of the family's heritage, embarked on his own journey. Immersed in family archives during his global explorations, Sébastien transformed history into a vibrant modern narrative, infusing each travel-friendly bag with echoes of the past and the spirit of a new era.

Each generation brings something new, allowing the brand to evolve while capturing its essence. Beyond craftsmanship, LÉTRANGE focuses on creating unique designs that set them apart in the luxury market. With a renewed commitment to excellence, LÉTRANGE presents a range of travel friendly bags that embody the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, just as Henriette Létrange envisioned.

The Enveloppe, Attachant, Pourquoi-Pas?, Passagère, and Vis-à-Vis, cater to every type of traveler, ensuring their individual needs are met. Bags and pochettes in various sizes are meticulously crafted with utmost attention to detail, ensuring secure storage for your belongings, passports, and travel documents, with LÉTRANGE's unwavering signature excellence.

With LÉTRANGE, every journey becomes a testament to the brand's rich history, a nod to the innovative luggage tag that marked the beginning of their timeless commitment to crafting exceptional travel experiences. Embrace the allure of quiet luxury and embark on your adventures with a touch of elegance that spans generations.


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