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-For The Easiest Cleanse Of Your Life, The LUNA Mini 2 Has It All-

Deep cleansing just got a whole lot easier thanks to a mini but mighty device that knows more about your skin than you do. Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO has created the ultimate thought-free solution for clean, glowing skin in the form of its flagship LUNA range of devices, and more specifically the bestselling LUNA mini 2.

The game-changing premium skincare range has something for everyone, no matter your budget, taste or lifestyle and will make cleansing the easiest part of your day - even if you’re struggling to wake up or fall asleep. 

Ryan Saddik, Regional Manager MEA at FOREO says; “It’s a bold statement to make but regular cleansing with a LUNA device will change your skin for life, it’s incredible how something so effortless can deliver such big results.  Essentially, we are taking mundane daily routines and transforming them into easy self-care rituals, we want our customers to look forward to cleansing every single day without even thinking about it. Over 20 million customers worldwide already own a LUNA device and we are extremely proud to say that one FOREO product sells every 3 seconds.”

Personalized thought-free cleansing

The LUNA Mini 2 (AED 690) is FOREO’s best seller. Such is the power of the technology, for the most effective cleanse of your life, all you have to do is power on and apply to your wet face with a hydrating cleanser. No thoughts required.

If this isn’t enough persuasion, the savvy device removes 99.5% of all dirt and oil, provides a customized clean with eight different intensity settings, doubles as an anti-aging facial massager, has 3-different zones to cater to all skin types, delivers 300 uses from a single charge, is 100% waterproof and is eco-friendly.

For a thought-free cleanse on the go

For those who want an intro into the luxurious experience of thought-free cleansing the LUNA Play Plus (AED 250), is the perfect antidote. It offers many of the same core benefits as the LUNA Mini 2 but with more basic features. Importantly, it is travel-friendly, removes 99.5% of dirt and oil and delivers clean, glowing skin in just one minute.

FOREO is available online on ​ and, in-store at Sephora across the Middle East​ and is available at Harvey Nichols Dubai, Virgin Megastore, Dubai Duty-Free, Bloomingdales, and C&F Lebanon.


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