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The new Dunhill fragrances signature collection launched in Qatar

Dunhill Fragrances have recently launched their Signature Collection in Qatar, bringing the world renowned masculine fragrances line to Qatar for the first time.

The signature collection, a name originally associated with dunhill lighters, is a fragrance collection obsessive about quality and range of materials, ingredients and where each originates. Signature materials and elements of the house are evoked, linking the fragrances to the fashion, accessories, dunhillís past as well as its future. The figure of the adventure is a crucial element to these masculine fragrances. The dunhill man is not one, but manyas is the adventurer. The figure of Alfred Dunhill himself is a case in point, as a seeker of fortune in daring enterprises.

Signature Collection is a series of four distinctive fragrances inspired by the international and adventurous nature of dunhill. They are: British Leather, Arabian Desert, Indian Sandalwood and Moroccan Amber.

Arabian Desert: ìInspired by the glinting sun on the Arabian desert, this Dunhill fragrance is a sleek scent for the modern man. Peppered with spicy saffron, it has a rich masculine feel to it.î Additional notes include pink pepper, rose and oud.

Indian Sandalwood: ìFocusing on the warm scent of soft wood, the Dunhill Indian Sandalwood will make a subtle addition to your fragrance edit. Intertwined with bergamot, it is uplifted with breezes of tree moss and patchouli.

Moroccan Amber: ìInspired by adventurous experiences and the trade of spice, the Dunhill Moroccan Amber conjures intense woody scents. Blending earthy notes of cardamom together with saffron, wafts of warm amber add a deep intensity.

British Leather: ìLiquid leather captured in a bold bottle, the Dunhill British Leather fragrance takes notes from the history and the present.The masculine fern scent is offset with feminine violet leaf, a contemporary concoction for the modern man.

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