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The Nolinski Paris - elegance with a French touch with Evok Hotels Collection

Introducing irresistible places in international capitals, the French group EVOK treats travelers to a collection of unique hotels artfully integrated into their surroundings. The brand boasts of a Haussmann-inspired nights and arty events at the Nolinski, near the Louvre; authentic, cosy comforts of a chalet in Courchevel; a quirky stay at Brach in the 16th arrondissement; uninhibited and impertinent luxury in le Marais at Sinner and stunning view at Cour des Vosges, place des Vosges.

EVOK’s visual identity and charm cultivate unforgettable experiences with a steady desire to return.

In 2014, EVOK began work on its very first Parisian hotel, The Nolinski Paris, a boutique hotel designed by the one-and-only Jean-Louis Deniot, offers guests an immersive and truly unique experience. Located between La Comédie Française and Opéra Garnier and surrounded by some of Paris’s most exclusive shopping destinations, including Galeries Lafayette and famous Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, home to some of the biggest designers in the world, the Nolinski Paris made for the luxury traveler. Just moments from some of the world’s most iconic monuments such as Louvre and Quais de Seine, the hotel is at close proximity to the Tuileries Garden and within easy reach from Champs Elysees.

Located in the heart of the capital, the hotel is an ode to beauty by day and the City of Lights by night. From the romance of the Seine to the formidable majesty of the Palais Royal’s sun-drenched gardens, this eternal tribute to all that is beautiful lies on the Nolinski’s doorstep. A space where contemporary aesthetics and classical prestige meet enchantment and flair, the venue is defined by three key elements - Space, comfort and style Bringing together high standards and exclusive offerings with a contemporary touch, Nolinski, distributed over six floors, is home to 45 individually-designed rooms & suites sparkling in different shades with custom-made furniture sitting well alongside old-world aesthetics.

Based in Paris, Jean Louis Deniot is one of the world’s preeminent talent in architecture and interior design. His décors are his playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Famously known to be the embodiment of the new generation of “Haute Décoration”, Jean-Louis’s projects mainly affect private properties and commercial spaces for clients located around the world: Paris, Corsica, London, Monaco, Milan, Capri, Colombia, Istanbul, Dubai, Moscow, New Delhi, Aspen, New York, Chicago Bora Bora among others.

Each hotel room at Nolinski is a cosy version of everyone’s dream Parisian pied-a-terre: some with French balconies opening out onto the heart of Paris; with decorative pieces from Jean-Louis Denoit’s travels in faraway lands, Allowing customers to take a bit of the hotel experience home with them, Nolinski gives guests the options of purchasing pieces of art that are displayed in their rooms.

The rooms are characterised by art and discretion with materials and vintage furniture that are tailormade to cultivate the Parisian refinement, keeping the atmosphere peaceful and meticulous. Conceived ingeniously, the rooms distinguish themselves through their luminosity while preserving privacy.

The hotel boasts two elegant restaurant, Brasserie Réjane, a characteristically Parisian Brasserie and a Michelin starred restaurant Palais Royal, headed by Chef Philip Chronopoulos, amidst the splendor of the Jardin du Palais, overlooking the Palais Royal gardens. They also have the Grand Salon, lounge space for sharing cocktails for in-house guests.

Spa Nolinski by La Colline specializes in cutting-edge treatments and products of the Swiss Riviera, in an intimate setting in the heart of Paris. Dedicated to relaxation and serenity, La Colline offers you enchanting experiences that are second to none.

With up-coming excited projects in the pipeline, this is the company’s first venture in global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture.

World-class design and amenities, all with the convenience of being in the 1st arrondissement, this hotel is made for the luxury traveler.


The heart of Paris conceals mysteries... to be unlocked by a select few initiates.Moments away from the Comédie Française and the Palais Royal gardens, enclosed between layers of history and Haussmann elegance, lies a temple to art and life à la française: the NOLINSKI.

Owned by the EVOK group, this breathtaking, characterful haven bears the hallmark eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot. A minimalist reception made from Carrara marble.

Excellence in respecting our guests. Excellence in hospitality. In the quiet discretion of its private apartments, this private home safeguards the secrets of the art of living, in a space where contemporary aesthetics and classical prestige meet enchantment and flair. Designed for locals and travellers alike.

From bright, luminous rooms and a mineral spa to the Réjane brasserie and the hushed tones of the Grand Salon, each space is an invitation to let the senses roam and emotions rise. An intimate setting scented with spices and musk, a musical atmosphere and the warm softness of velvet or tweed. Hues of blue and emerald green, precious materials and custom-made furniture and furnishings intertwine to orchestrate a lyrical and harmonious ensemble. Conviviality served with passion. The passion of Epicurean experiences and unimaginable dreams, where the art of attention to detail intuitively paves the way for mystery. Visitors wander through a world in which luxurious comforts, works of art and Parisian authenticity coexist.


Experience elegance with a French touch. The authenticity of a neighbourhood. Excellence in hospitality. Creating living spaces. Generating emotion. Introducing irresistible places in international capitals, the French group EVOK treats Epicureans to a collection of unique hotels artfully integrated into their surroundings. Each neighbourhood boasts its own individual character, history and feel that this sensory architecture offers up to visitors to interpret as they see fit. Locals and travellers alike.

A gourmet restaurant overlooking the tranquil gardens of the Palais Royal. Haussmanninspired nights and arty events at the Nolinski, near the Louvre dinner at the Brasserie Réjane or a quick lunch at Rej. The authentic, cosy comforts of a chalet in Courchevel. A quirky stay at Brach in the 16th arrondissement, in a genial blend of rooms, terraces, a rooftop vegetable patch, a gym, delicious pastries and restaurant. Uninhibited and impertinent luxury in le Marais at Sinner and stunning view at Cour des Vosges, place des Vosges.

In 2013, EVOK began work on its very first Parisian hotels before embarking on its adventures in Venice, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid and other iconic cities. Locations are carefully selected to offer authentic experiences, inspired by the spirit of Emulation shared by the trio Pierre Bastid, investor, Romain Yzerman and Emmanuel Sauvage, business developers.

Variations on the same theme of Exception, in which each establishment is given its very own personality by a renowned designer. Christophe Tollemer, Jean-Louis Deniot, Philippe Starck, Tristan Auer and Lecoadic & Scotto were the first to breathe their creative vision into the hotels, designing custom-made furniture to sit alongside precious materials and works of contemporary art. A sense of harmony in which enthusiasts and some of France’s top award-winning craftsmen share their knowhow with guests. Excellence in respect. Elegance in hospitality. The art of the perfect welcome orchestrated in refined suites with engaging living spaces, subtle details and courteous staff devoted to well-being.

A journey for all five senses, steeped in Emotions to share, feeling completely at home. EVOK‘s visual identity and charm cultivate unforgettable Experiences with a capital E. A steady desire to return, to live in the moment, to touch on timelessness.


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