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A Los-Angeles based organization focusing on all matters related to gynaecological cancers held their official launch event in Doha at the Ritz Carlton on International Women's Day, 8th March 2020.

The Teal Society, founded by Qatar-based behavioural therapist and entrepreneur Nicole “NickiiJean” Alexander, aims to raise awareness about various types of gynaecological cancers and build a community for those directly and indirectly affected. Alexander started this organization after her own mother had succumbed to vaginal cancer.

“We lacked education and resources due to the type of cancer and timing of detection.Because of the rapid growth of this illness, by the time we were aware, it was too late” explains Alexander, whose main goal is to open a door for women on a global level to receive the resources needed when dealing with reproductive health.

The launch event brought together various inspirational women from all over the world to share their experience and expertise on gynecological cancers and female reproductive health. The discussion panel included guest speakers; marketing specialist, Zarina Mahomed, co-founder of Sensory Souk Alison Saraf, and Ritz Carlton Doha’s very own Director of Spa & Recreation, Kerry Vincent and mediated by Nicole Alexander herself.

The Teal Society will be providing chemo care packages for women going through chemotherapy as their first project of the year. They will also continue to build a community of educating women worldwide via events, conferences, and providing mobile test screenings.

By launching in Qatar, The Teal Society hopes to introduce and normalize women’s reproductive health within the Arab world - a subject which would usually be considered taboo in this region. Focusing on a platform based on education, early detection, regular check-ups, and prevention and treatment plans, the organization wants to encourage women in Qatar to take a more active role in their reproductive health, and eradicate stigmas surrounding this topic on a societal level.


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