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The Westin Doha  Hotel and Spa has announced its participation at the 10th Annual Qatar International Festival (QIFF 2019) which will take  place at Qatar Foundation’s Oxygen Park between March 20 and 30.

During this year’s event, the award-winning Thai restaurant Sabai Thai has been chosen to represent the Hotel. Local foodies will be invited to experience a wide variety of authentic Thai cuisine, in addition to new dishes from its new Asian cuisine. The menu will consist of an assortment of the restaurant’s best-seller dishes from salads and starters such as Shrimps Seaweed Wraps, prawn crackers, to main courses consisting of Beef Rendang with Steamed Rice, Green Curry Chicken, fish and duck in addition to sweets such as the famous Sweet Thai Mango with Sticky Rice and Sweet Tara with Coconut Milk.

Commenting on the participation, Gianrico Esposito, General Manager at The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, said:“ We are thrilled to be part of QIFF for the third consecutive year. It is a truly successful event that has gained considerable attention and participation from the public in the country and also, it has become a festival worth visiting throughout the region”.

He added:“ We are always honored to support all the activities National Tourism Council puts in place which really aims to showcase and strengthen the tourism sector and the culinary industries in Doha and we are truly pleased to be part of these great achievements in positioning the country as a must-travel destination”.

He concluded: “With our award-winning restaurant Sabai Thai, we promise the public to offer them a truly authentic experience with the best quality Thai cuisine at affordable prices”. 

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