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There is No Better Feeling Than Feeling Your Best

-Just what Dad deserves this Father’s Day-

This Father’s Day, treat Dad to the ultimate gift – feeling his absolute best – and you don’t need to look too hard to find something that can really do it all. The LYMA Supplement is the only nutraceutical in the world to combine ten patented, bioavailable and peer-reviewed ingredients, each included at the dosage that is proven to work. Created using only validated ingredients that cannot be found in effective doses through diet - the true premise of a supplement - the supplement delivers unrivalled results across sleep, anxiety, beauty, performance and health.

Here are just a few of the benefits that will help everyone to feel their best:

A Good Night’s Sleep

The quest for a good night sleep is now a hallmark of modern life and The LYMA Supplement is proven to help, without the use of knock-you-out sedatives, but instead a brain enhancing formula that optimises sleep, without compromising daytime functioning.

Deeper, more restful, sleep is one the benefits customers report seeing a change in shortly after beginning their LYMA regime and something we are sure Dad would appreciate.

The sleep benefit is driven by the key patented ingredients including KSM66® Ashwagandha, affron®, HydroCurc®, Cognizin® - which are engineered to enhance aspects of brain function in a way that is designed to improve sleep onset and quality. Levagen+® 350mg; the newest addition to the LYMA formula has also been proven in the Journal of Sleep Science Practice, to help people fall asleep three times faster compared to placebo, improve sleep quality and help people feel refreshed when they wake up in the morning. And don’t just take LYMA’s word for it, read How LYMA Solved Julian’s Sleep Problem Within Days.

The Ultimate Focus

For fathers which are always on the go, LYMA can help with performance. Brain fog is not a medical term, but rather a common way of describing common symptoms such as poor concentration, confusion, memory lapse and thinking slower than usual. Luckily, issues with concentration and memory can be somewhat abetted using nootropic, natural substances that, in different ways, assist with focus and concentration.

One of the most lauded nootropics is Citicoline and the LYMA Supplement includes this in its patented form, Cognizin®. Cognizin® is backed by dozens of peer-reviewed trials and clinical studies with one study showing a significant increase in the brain’s focus and concentration centre - the anterior cingulate cortex – was particularly benefitting.

Stronger Hair

Thinning hair impacts both men and women as they age and for many this can impact confidence. Dr Dendy Engelman explains ‘The hair shaft doesn’t have living cells, so it does not regenerate. Our hair growth cycle also spends most of its time in a phase called telogen; a resting phase in which the hair does not grow’.

The LYMA Supplement includes Cynatine® HNS, a bioavailable keratin that in just one month delivers a 20% increase in structural components of hair and 65% boost in the shine of hair. The bioavailable keratin also allows hair follicles to spend more time in anagen phase (growth phase) and less time in telogen phase (resting phase) of the hair growth cycle, this leads to an 18% increase in hair growth and 20-47% reduction in hair loss.

Dendy continues, ‘In order to work, a hair supplement or product needs to sync with the natural cycle of your hair growth. With daily use of LYMA, hair can look healthier, thicker and more luminous.’.


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