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Tivoli Mofarrej São Paulo presents the Sustainable Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree project, conceived by Brazilian plastic artist Ricardo Hachiya was created with recyclable materials, at MADE – Mercado. Arte. Design., one of Sao Paulo’s most recognised international design fairs.

As tradition dictates every year, Tivoli Mofarrej Sao Paulo presents its famous Christmas tree. Known for its irreverence, modernity and grandeur, the hotel celebrates the festivity with a work devised and designed by architect and plastic artist Ricardo Hachiya, whose principle is to expose the climate and environmental issues.

The concept developed by the artist consists in the reuse and reframing of elements of the past, which previously had another use, and which are now part of a story. The idea is to present a large piece that brings together a mix of balance, movement and magic, where each impulse interferes with the next piece, and so on.

The Cubic Roots series are originated from discarded wood pieces, rain-felled trees, corten steel, which has anti-corrosion properties, and work rebar, were used by Hachiya.

Using a Japanese moulding technique, the tree also features pieces by Patricia Secco, who features items cut out of anodized aluminium espresso coffee capsules and flowers made from leftover synthetic fabric. The two artists combined their talents, creating cubes made with anodized coloured aluminium wires. 

The initiative is part of Tivoli Art, which has brought artwork from national and international artists to hotel environments since 2016 through a partnership with MADE - Mercado.Arte.Design, Latin America's first and largest collectible design fair. This is the first collaboration of the artist Ricardo Hachiya with Tivoli Mofarrej. The Christmas Tree will be in the hotel lobby until January 6th.


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