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Top 5 Spring Dressing Tips for Women

The time of the year with perfect weather situation is right around the corner. As spring takes over, the wardrobe will take a shift from bulky warm clothes to something milder in nature.

To let you have an idea of what to wear at work or some casual parties, we have some spring dressing tips prepared for all women out there.

Checkered Over-Sized Blazers

The 90’s fashion of checkered over-sized blazers is back and women are actually loving it. It’s a very up-to-the-mark spring weather outfit which can be paired with jeans and classy wedges or heels. Shoulder pads on the sleeves is the newer trend of today which can also be acquired.

“Shoulder pads on the sleeves is the newer trend of today ”

Stripes-on-the-sides Trousers

You won’t believe but the stripes are no more a sporty fashion. Women and men have embraced the stripes thing even on formal clothing. You will see women dressed in formal attire wearing striped pants. It’s an it thing of today that is suggested as a spring dressing tip for women this year around.

by: ME+EM

Velvet Pants

Know that velvet is not just for winters. Spring is a combination of chilly breezes while the sun is still out and velvet material for your clothes will be a go-to option. To have a chic look, do try the velvet pants with slouch fitting and pair it with a full sleeves upper.

Jumpsuits for spring

Wearing jumpsuit as a kid looked super cute on all. Let’s revive the look in even cuter fashion this spring? Let the inner child inside you get out and embrace the adulthood in style. Jumpsuit is a perfect spring dressing tip for women. The material could either be denim – VERY HOT or something in cotton as well. For some women, jumpsuits go from neck to toe but newer trends brought in front of us sleeveless jumpsuits that go down covering half of the legs – looking super cute! Wear a nice bow hair band to complete the look.

The White Jeans

The color white not just brings class to an attire but also add a differentiating factor in one’s dressing sense. Not everybody likes to wear white pants and even from those who like to wear them, not all can carry them well. There are ways to carry the white pair of jeans – may be pair it with a denim jacket in light blue, or a double breasted blazer. A pink collar shirt would also look great with these pants.

The top 5 dressing tips for women have been collected from a blogger’s perspective while taking into view the current trends. Look no more and start prepping up for your spring wardrobe.

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