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As the temperature rises and the heat kicks in, let these refreshing summer mocktails from GIA cool you off with the selection of classic and modern Italian drinks. The mixologists at GIA have pulled together wild and exotic ingredients to create their signature mocktails; the restaurant has sourced ingredients from far corners of the world to locally sourced seasonal herbs and spices. Guests will be able to experience a wide selection of sophisticated drinks that are both theatrical and stunning.

Signature Drinks at GIA

La vita è bella

AED 59

‘La vita è bella’ means life is beautiful in Italian, this summer mocktail is fresh and hydrating. Made with freshly squeezed lime juice, fragrant elder flower extract, spicy mint, exoli, ice cube and soda.


1 cup AED32, 2 cups AED52

The Malena embodies the concept of good living - La Dolce Vita. A perfumed brew of camomile spice, iced tea, peach & lemon extract, smoked cinnamon. Transport yourself to the balmy summer afternoons with each sip.

Rose Rosse


Who knew cotton candy could look so elegant! This Rose Rosse is made with cranberry, orange and lemon juice blended together with soda and pilled with the most luxurious rose cotton candy

Aqua di GIA


The Blue Lagoon is a sublime drink boasting a variety of ingredients such as lime juice, lychee syrup, soda water and lemon ice cubes. The presentation truly tantalises your senses with Aqua di GIA you not only be seduced by the flavours of this drink but be awe inspired by the stunning presentation

IL Fumo


With a combination of smoked green apple juice, almond extract and lime essence, the Il Fumo is an appetite-stimulating mocktail to be enjoyed during l’aperitivo. Presented in a nitrogen infused glass dome topped with thyme, dried pineapple and fresh rosemary garnish.

Fact Box

Venue: GIA

Location: The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue Extension

Reservations: 04 2349986, WhatsApp: 056 699 6544, Eat App :

Opening hours: 12pm -1am


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