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Treat Yourself with a Luxury Trip to Malta

The Mediterranean island offers a selection of unique luxury experiences for those keen to spoil themselves.

Malta, the small archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean, known for its beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs, and stunning landscapes, is a land rich in history and home to a wide selection of tourist attractions.

The Maltese islands have something for every type of traveller. Whether they are a romantic couple looking for a getaway, a family seeking a fun vacation, history enthusiasts, or adventurers. And for those that enjoy the finer things in life, and look for a luxury travel experience, then Malta has a lot to offer them as well.

Whether for a weekend break or a longer trip to Malta, sometimes you just want splurge and spoil yourself with the finer things in life. For that, the gem of the Mediterranean is anything but lacking.

For starters, you could rent a private yacht or boat and sail around the islands. From the sea, you will enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Malta from a different perspective, while relaxing in the peace and quiet of the waters. You could also hop on the sunset cruise nearby Comino island and explore famous sights like the Crystal Lagoon and Santa Maria Bay away from crowds and other tourists.

Another exclusive experience is the Gozo Jeep tour. On this tour you will get the opportunity to explore the magnificent island of Gozo in a jeep. The tour enables participants to roam hidden and secret spots which are often difficult to reach by conventional means. Gozo is a quieter place compared to Malta, and it is perfect for a day of relaxation and rest.

Visitors can also enjoy a unique shopping experience on the islands. Malta is home to beautiful clothing and fashion accessories created by award-winning local designers. Not to mention, the craft scene has undergone a survival in the recent years, and the crafts village in Ta’Qali has become a popular attraction for tourists looking for souvenirs and interesting artefacts.

No travel experience is complete without delicious food experiences. With that said, Malta has a wide range of fancy restaurants to choose from, which are led by world-renowned chefs. Not to mention, 3 prestigious Maltese restaurants have been awarded the Michelin Star for the first time. Those restaurants are De Mondion in Mdina, Noni in Valletta, and Under Grain in Valletta.

Finally, to enjoy a charming evening with your loved ones, visit Malta’s Golden Bay and enjoy the surrounding scenery of the unspoilt countryside on horseback. Most rides happen at sunset which makes it an even more majestic experience.

Malta has much more to offer, for the luxurious traveller and other travellers as well. Whether you are willing to splurge or not, there is always something unique and fun to do around the islands.

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