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WOLF Introduces the 1834 Watch Winder Collection

Keeping watches fully wound to perfection, WOLF watch winders fuse function and elegance – the perfect solution for watch connoisseurs that value protecting their timepieces in luxurious style.

1834’s new Bluetooth technology allows for convenient control of modules from a user-friendly app on any iPhone or Android device, anytime. With clean lines and a grand presence, the 1834 collection comes in a choice of three: Regent (12-Piece), Baron (24-Piece), and Ambassador (32-Piece) cabinet winders all including one or more accessory drawers. The accessory drawer holds 4 watches and includes a 3- piece travel watch roll with hidden storage component. The customizable rotation setting options allow the mainspring to release its stored energy, keeping the focus on reliability. The cabinets are constructed with a sturdy wooden frame in a variety of color ways, each including: tempered glass doors, chrome hardware, and combination lock. Prices range from $8,999 / £9,499 for the 12-piece cabinet winder to $24,999 / £26,399 for the 32-piece version.

An automatic watch movement is wound by the physical motion of the wearer’s wrist.A watch winder, also called a watch rotator, is a clever device that replaces the movement of the wrist to ensure that an automatic watch is kept wound, as it should be. By rotating the watch 360 degrees, the main spring tension is increased. The energy stored in the mainspring is then released into the movement.

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