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Regular work outs do more than just give you a better body; more happiness hormones, higher self confidence and better skin. You take care of your body, but are you taking care of your skin? And if you do - what steps are you taking to ensure your skin stays youthful and as fresh as ever? Maybe you think that the towel at the gym is enough, or that a quick facial wash is good - but read on to find out how you can get better skin in 60 seconds.

Despite the post workout glow, you’re exposed to a lot of changes while exercising. This could be due to constant towel wipes, touching your face or maybe lying face down on your yoga mat which lets dirt settle into your open pores leading to breakouts and pills. You sweat out all the nasties in your skin as you pedal that bike faster and faster to keep up with your class! This helps you cool down - but, if you’re into hot showers post workout that could spell red skin, and flaking due to varying temperatures.  

However, don’t fret! Because we’re going to give you the secret to youthful skin, and it’s as simple as counting the reps on your favourite exercise. 

You can start with routinely cleaning and moisturising - and if you’re worried about this being a 12 step program, it’s not! It takes about 2 minutes to do and will leave you with plenty of time to sprint to your next class. All you need for it is your favourite facial cleanser which helps your skin get the moisture it needs, and a cleansing brush to increase the absorption and efficacy of it like the FOREO LUNA 2. Put the lotion on your face, soak the brush with water and glide the LUNA 2 in circular motions over your face for 60 seconds. The T-Sonic pulse technology helps you remove 99.5% of the gunk that accumulates during the sport, or from left over makeup residue. You will notice healthier glowing skin that looks barely exhausted from all the burpees you’ve been doing. Constant use reveals better skin colour, and texture - now that’s a membership you should sign up for. Once you’re done cleansing your face, you can flip your LUNA 2 to the other side and add your favourite serum and tap it on wrinkle prone areas to keep them at bay, and reduce the appearance over time. 

Post your FOREO treatment you can cool your skin down with thermal water sprays. They’re readily available and give your skin a refreshing boost, it also contains nutrients and minerals beneficial for skin health. However, avoid makeup post workout while your pores are open. Makeup clogs your skin, and the harsh chemicals sink further in leading to problematic skin. If you cannot live without a hint of mascara, or BB cream - opt for non-comedogenic makeup which will not react with your skin and is free of any irritants. 


  • Gentle T-Sonic pulsations remove 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue in 1 minute;

  • Ultra-soft silicone design is 35X more hygienic than other face brushes;

  • 12 adjustable intensities for a completely customizable clean;

  • Two-in-one: Gradated brush for cleansing, and reverse-side anti-aging surface to tackle visible signs of aging;

  • 100% waterproof, non-porous and antibacterial silicone;

  • One full charge lasts up to 450 uses;

  • No need to replace the brush heads - ever!

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