This set is inspiring the jewelry designer more and more. While her palette was previously limited to gold and diamonds, she now finds herself drawn towards other precious materials. Honouring Kate’s favourite hues, the pair has created a vibrantly-coloured collection. Malachite, mother-of-pearl and turquoise are stars of the show on sumptuous plastrons, XXL earrings, 3-finger ring... Unprecedented combinations of coloured gold and precious materials for pieces that simply can’t be matched.


Kate and Valérie have created a brigh and colourful plastron necklace. It features graduated malachite and pear-cut suspended diamonds. Equipped with a sliding system, it has infinite range. It falls naturally, nestling close to the neck like malachite and diamond-laden armour and delicately adorning the cleavage.


The creative duo also conceived the plastron as a bracelet. Designed to be worn casually, it lights up the back of the hand.


Contemporary wear is showcased with this 3-finger ring. An invisible mount raises the malachite design and pear-cut diamonds to appear as if they are floating between the fingers. A high-fashion statement piece.


Uniquely designed, the malachite design is used on a playful, precious scarf. Knotted around the neck, it appears delicate and ultra-stylised and can be worn from day through to night.


Worn below the lobe, these earrings delicately illuminate the face. They are also wearable further up the lobe, offering multiple ways of styling.


The malachite designs playfully and asymmetrically float between the fingers. This daring design is enhanced by the depth of the green of the malachite, producing a sumptuous, extraordinary ring.


Ultra-cool XXL hoops designed to be worn anywhere on the ear. Worn symmetrically, they frame the face with ultimate grace. Whether worn as a pair or asymmetrically, they are effortlessly stylish and make the perfect addition for any look.


The plastron has also been designed in a mother-of-pearl and turquoise version. Yellow gold is substituted with rose, and deep blue and white mother-of-pearl take the place of malachite. Two further styles which compliment with grace and daring.


Saudi German Clinic’s resident gynecologist shares five healthy lifestyle tips for women on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021

Our health should be our top priority, but for most women who are busy juggling childrearing and their careers, personal health can often take a backseat. However, it’s good to know that with just a few affordable lifestyle changes one can get back on track on the road to staying healthy.

Dr. Radwa Mohamed Elnozahy, Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology at Saudi German Clinic Jumeirah, has over the years helped countless women overcome their health issues, and she has a few lifestyle tips for women to stay healthy and stay in check.

1. Get active, stay active

Make physical activity a habit. It’s commonly believed that it takes just 21 days to form a habit. A 30-minute workout, four or five times a week, for about 21 days should do it. A walk around the neighborhood, a session at the gym, a simple workout session in front of your TV in the comfort of your apartment, or any other physical activity that you enjoy, is enough to keep you in shape and boost your overall health.

2. Eat healthy

Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balanced diet. Avoid crash diets and overindulgences. Curate a well-balanced diet that include more of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains which are rich in fibre, protein and other vital nutrients. Avoid the temptation of processed and fast foods; they increase the risk of chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease and all the other undesirables. Women of childbearing age should consume foods with folic acid such as leafy green vegetables, beans and citrus fruits. For women with menopause, increase intake of foods with calcium and Vitamin D (seafood, fruit, low-fat dairy) to help prevent bone density issues.

3. Sound sleep

Besides fighting the signs of ageing, healthy sleep patterns enable proper functioning of the brain. Sleep has a bearing on how you think, react, work, study, drive and manage stress, so making sure you have enough of it is critical in maintaining your physical and mental health.

4. Care for your mental health

Stress invites all kinds of sicknesses. Combat mental stresses through meditation. In addition to lowering stress and anxiety levels, meditation and mindfulness improve focus and help manage chronic pain. It can also improve sleep and boost overall health and well-being.

5. Annual wellness checks

Visit your doctor for regular health checks. Making this a habit can help with early detection of diseases or chronic conditions and timely mitigation. Some of the recommended checks include pelvic exams, pap smears, breast examination and mammograms, osteoporosis screenings, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, just to name a few.

The Saudi German Clinic offers a full spectrum of services to patients of all ages and provides comprehensive and continuing health care for the whole family. This March, for only AED 499, Saudi German Clinic Jumeirah is offering women a comprehensive WELL WOMAN check-up which includes a pelvic ultrasound, breast exam, vaginal swab, pap smear and a general consultation with Dr. Radwa Mohamed Elnozahy.

For more information and to book your appointment contact 800 2211.

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Cosima, the up-and-coming, soulful singer-songwriter from south London talks exclusively to MATCHESFASHION about her distinctive aesthetic while showcasing pieces from the latest SS21 collection by Valentino.

For most artists, the ultimate goal is to be signed to a major label. But Cosima isn’t most artists. In a bold power move, the soulful singer-songwriter left Island Records – one of the world's most legendary record labels – in 2018, to start her own: South of Heaven.

Cosima says classic fashion houses like Valentino fed into this fascination with aesthetics while she was growing up, whisking her away to other realities. ‘Those types of brands ran through the magazines I was reading – it was like a different world,’ she remembers, ‘and I’ve always been a massive escapist.’

Cosima talks to MATCHESFASHION about music, style and more- full interview here.


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