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Valérie Messika creates a bright and playful summer shoot rich in spirit with a zest for life, showcased by the exquisite model, Ilo- na Smet. The key codes across this invitation tempting one to tra- vel are: color, freshness and undeniable ‘joie de vivre.’ Messika women always know how to have a good time. They know how to enjoy life through work and play, and yet remain dreamers at heart. They keep collections of necklaces and bracelets to layer. They stack earrings and ear cuffs across piercings – mixing and matching different jewels in their ears. All the while, the look is always complete by pairing rings that dazzle on their fingers.

What better way is there to celebrate life than with a hint of color? The Lucky Move collection was created in 2019 and is now available in both maxi and mini versions which can be worn around the neck and across fingers. The collection envisioned by Valérie Messika has been enriched even more by jewels developed with dashes of color.

The new jewels for summer are from the My Move collection, offering a vast range of color combinations from vivid citrus shades including Venetian yellow and tangerine orange to raspberry pink and tur- quoise tones. My Move is the must-have bracelet for Summer 2021. A special jewel to be shared across the sexes with nine different Move motifs and thirty-three leather bracelets provide an infinite number of combinations to be customized. It is easy to fall in love with this easy- to-wear novelty for everyday wear and will quickly become coveted to collect and pair across a summer wardrobe down to the swimsuit. Mixing and matching has never been so playful and so effortless.


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