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5 Reasons To Celebrate Women’s Month with Female-Founded Hijabi Beauty Tool ModBeautyKeeper

Whether you are celebrating International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day or Muslim Women’s Day this March, there are plenty of ways to show up for female empowerment, including shopping for female-founded beauty brands. Here are 5 reasons to treat yourself or your beauty enthusiast friend to the newest innovative beauty tool all hijabi beauty lovers are obsessing over: the ModBeautyKeeper.

A unique tool that prevents make-up stains

ModBeautyKeeper is a savvy invention that is uniquely designed to prevent make-up from accidentally transferring onto your hijab during application. It not only fuels the inner artist in you, but also helps keep make-up off beauty lovers’ hijabs, in style.

After watching endless beauty tutorials online, founder and entrepreneur, Nandi Barker realized there was always an issue of beauty influencers getting make-up on their hijabs and launched this unique beauty tool in March 2020 to fill this gap in the market.

Inclusive beauty brand

Nothing makes a modest beauty maven happier than the thought of a beauty tool that accommodates every type of hijab style. While the Modbeautykeeper Original provides semi-protection for beauty enthusiasts who prefer to cover their head partly with the hijab, the brand’s latest product update (ModBeautyKeeper 360) caters to hijabi women who like to style their headpiece differently while still ensuring their make-up stays on point and off the hijab!

Eco-friendly and sustainable

This handwoven, environmentally conscious beauty tool is entirely handmade and cruelty-free to save you from the worst foundation and powder stains. By fastening securely to the hijab with its friendly adhesive, it deters make-up from accidentally transferring onto your hijab during application.

The perfect gift for any occasion

Nothing makes a make-up lover happier than a thoughtful beauty gift that can help take the stress out of her make-up routine or assist in filming make-up tutorials easily while guaranteeing foolproof make-up on the go.

Priced at just AED 66 for the original ModBeautyKeeper and AED74 for the ModbBeautyKeeper 360, it comes in a reusable pouch that also includes six pairs of the Peel-Press-Release adhesive pads.

To find out more about MODBEAUTYKEEPER or purchase your new favourite beauty tool, visit or stay up to date on social by following @ModBeautyKeeper on Instagram and Facebook.


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