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6 adventures to enjoy this summer in the region of Vaud

From biking routes to jazz festivals, the canton of Vaud entices visitors from the GCC with exciting activities for everyone

Experience the best of the canton of Vaud through the various excursions and activities that the cities of Lausanne and Montreux Riviera have to offer. In addition to the natural panorama, there is much to do in the region, from biking holidays to exploring the region’s history and culture, with the backdrop of some of the Alps’ most dramatic peaks.

1) Explore the Historic Fort de Chillon

History buffs will love this 20th century fortification on the edge of Lake Geneva. Once the primary way to protect the road and rail lines passing from Lausanne to the mountainous interior region of Lausanne, it is now a must-see location to learn about the region’s history. Guests can relive the experiences of a Swiss soldier through a range of fun activities including quizzes, strategy games, augmented reality and 3D games. For an extra taste of military life, visitors can take a seat at the Concordia Platz where the soldiers sat before pausing for a gourmet coffee break or dining at the fort’s cafe.

2) Cycle across the region of Vaud

The Swiss canton of Vaud is a cycling haven just waiting to be explored. Its mix of hilly and flat terrain alike gives biking enthusiasts a range of beautiful routes suitable for all levels. For families and those wishing to take things a little slower, the Jura, with its gentler undulations, is ideal for a less strenuous tour and can be explored in three days by e-bike following the Bike Tour Parc Jura Vaudois schedule.

3) Get inspired at Platforme 10

Switzerland’s newest art and culture district, Plateforme 10, is welcoming four new additions to the cultural destination which is set to attract guests in the Swiss city of Lausanne. On June 18, four world-class museums will open their doors to culture-lovers in the Lake Geneva Region, known for its array of cultural and historical attractions. Set in one of the country’s most iconic locations, the district is a sprawling 22,000 square meters and has been in the making for more than a decade. It will also be a living space that hosts restaurants, relaxation areas, boutiques and bookshops.

4) Experience the local culture at Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival brings the banks of Lake Geneva alive with sound for the first two weeks of July which will bring together jazz virtuosos, pop stars and legendary rock groups to form an impressive line-up for the festival. Immortalised on film, their concerts comprise a unique musical archive protected by UNESCO. A festival on the move, Montreux Jazz also takes to the boats of the CGN fleet and the trains of the GoldenPass Line.

5) Learn more about one of the world’s best-loved stage stars at Chaplin’s World

Film fans can walk in the steps of Hollywood’s legendary Charlie Chaplin where visitors can immerse in the studio to experience the silent world of film or roam the sprawling ten-acre estate the star once walked, retracing the steps of the cinematic hero. The last 25 years of his extraordinary life were spent in Switzerland as he enjoyed the peace and privacy it provided, with views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Now, the museum in his honour invites the world to celebrate the life of this much-loved actor.

6) Live the Dolce Vita Riviera Style

Go for a swim, sunbathe, enjoy a relaxing lakeside stroll, savour a local speciality on a terrace – or step out on one of a whole host of unplanned walks where you will be amazed by the extraordinary, sweeping views over Lake Geneva and the Alps. As dusk falls, taste a local drink at the water’s edge – and make the most of the balmy summer evenings to discover emerging Swiss talents in music and comedy, performing in a range of venues in Montreux and Vevey. Tune in to the Dolce Riviera spirit.

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