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A design statement: Repossi Serti Inversé in local campaign

Repossi unveils their local campaign, shot in Dubai and showcasing their iconic Serti Inversé jewellery pieces.

Serti Inversé pieces of jewellery are to be worn as pieces of art: the diamond is elevated above a majestic structure inspired by contemporary sculpture.

Tribute to Repossi’s taste for sharp lines and straight movement, “Serti Inversé” means “reversed setting”.

A reinvention of Repossi floating diamond, elevated above a golden thread.

Architectural and modernist, reinventing gold in a paradoxical supple and stiff dimension, as a snapshot of motion. On the bare skin, a mesmerizing floating effect, like diamond drops on the hand. For urban women always on the go, a “design statement” praising a refined and understated luxury.

1. Serti Inversé 18ct white gold and 0.97ct diamond ring

2. Serti Inversé 18ct white gold and 0.52ct diamond ring

3. Serti Inversé 8.0 g white gold and pear cut 0.40ct diamond ring


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