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A rare treasure restored:Nespresso launches new Tamuka mu Zimbabwe coffee blend available across UAE

Nespresso UAE celebrates the return of TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE, a unique new coffee brand launching at Nespresso stores across the UAE, as part of the brand’s Reviving Origins Program.

A single origin Arabica coffee from the Eastern region of Zimbabwe, TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE bursts with complex fruitiness and zesty bright acidity. Savor this unique coffee and awaken your palate with rich notes of red berries, currants, and cranberries. Try TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE as a Cappuccino, and taste how milk gives this coffee a creamy, smooth texture and brings out the sweetness of caramel and coffee.

Every sip of TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE benefits the country’s local coffee farmers, touches hundreds of lives, and uplifts their communities, while offering an inspiring taste experience in return. Nespresso has been working with local farmers in Eastern Zimbabwe to provide training and resources they need to improve the quality and yield of their coffee crops, a collaboration that has been instrumental in restoring the spirit of the country’s local coffee community and reviving a flowery espresso for consumers to enjoy, once nearly lost for good.

Reviving Origins Zimbabwe

In the early 1990s, coffee sector in Zimbabwe was at its peak, however decades of political instability combined with extreme weather conditions affected the country’s agricultural industries and resulted in a sharp decline in coffee production. Many farmers abandoned their farms to focus on other crops like maize and tobacco, resulting in the slumping of coffee production, which has been unable to regain its former levels as a result.

Nespresso's Reviving Origins Program joins local farmers with a long-term investment plan to bring coffee back in an effort to revive the country’s coffee industry and stimulate the rural economy. Since the project’s start in 2019, more than 900 farmers have joined the program, in which Nespresso provides training and technical assistance to smallholder coffee farmers, helping put Zimbabwe's coffee industry back on track, one harvest at a time.

Reviving Origins is grounded in Nespresso’s belief that quality coffee, and the premiums farmers earn from it, can be a catalyst for the long-term sustainability and resilience of farming communities and economies. Reviving Origins is a driver of not just economic development but social development too, improving the skills of local farmers to grow coffee in a sustainable manner, which in turn has helped farmers double or triple their income, enabling them to build better homes, send their children to school, and improve their quality of life.

A modern story of artisans and artists

In line with Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability, the brand partnered with Revol, a family-owned porcelain business that blends traditional techniques with a pioneering spirit, and a caring approach to the environment, to create a line of limited-edition cups to support Reviving Origins Zimbabwe. Carefully handmade by Revol’s master potters, all the cups from this unique collection are made from Recyclay®, a material produced entirely from Revol’s recovered, upcycled clay, resulting in a range of highly appealing crafted cups that feature a natural look and feel.

Behind every human know-how, lies a touch of care. And behind every cup of this limited-edition collection, lie centuries of craftsmanship. The bright motifs on these cups are inspired by the interwoven patterns of Zimbabwean Binga baskets, brought to life by contemporary Zimbabwean artist Kombo Chapfika. Made with care, each cup tells the story of age-old techniques, African traditions, and a pioneering spirit.

Reviving Origins Uganda

Earlier this year, Nespresso UAE also launched AMAHA awe UGANDA, introduced as part of the Reviving Origins Program in a commitment to revive Uganda’s declining coffee practice whilst also revealing the true quality potential of natural Arabica.

Each cup of Nespresso coffee from Uganda contributes to restoring of the country’s coffee regions, with the Reviving Origins program providing support to rebuild sustainable livelihoods for Uganda’s farmers and their communities. Coffee enthusiast can enjoy this exceptional Ugandan coffee blend while at the same time helping to preserve the future of some of the world’s finest and most unique coffees.

Nespresso Reviving Origins

Since its launch in 2019, the Reviving Origins Program has enabled the production of exceptional coffees from challenged areas of Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia and Uganda, to become available as seasonal coffees for Nespresso coffee lovers in the UAE and across the globe. The AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, Nespresso’s unique sustainable sourcing model in coffee-producing countries, provides the foundation for the brand’s work in Reviving Origins regions and involves more than 110,000 farmers across the world.


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