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A unique collaboration between Riyasat and Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine

A unique collaboration between Riyasat and Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine lays down the foundations of healthy eating in the fine dining scene

The royalty-inspired Indian restaurant’s superfood healthy menu is set to offer a dazzling experience with various plant-based options

Riyasat, located in the opulent St.Regis Doha, sets new standards In the fine dining Indian cuisine, by introducing the concept of a superfood healthy menu on June 13. Building around the impression of purity, cleansing, and supporting emotional health, the menu focuses on offering guests a selection of Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy free exciting signature dishes.

The idea of introducing this exclusive new health-conscious superfood menu became possible in collaboration with Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine; AMNM, which emphasized on using beneficial ingredients for both mind and body. Chef Jolly, his team at Riyasat and AMNM’S licensed dietician worked closely side by side on selecting the perfect combination of ingredients to create this outstanding flavourful healthy menu.

Since quality plays a significant role in the development of this menu, most of the produce and ingredients used are locally sourced, sustainable and carbon free. The menu has been carefully crafted with a whole host of micro-nutritional benefits, in association with AMNM’S clinical dietician and health coach Ghinwa Zoubeir.

On this occasion Ghinwa Zoubeir comments: “Health expertise and culinary elegance combined: The unique collaboration between Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine and Riyasat is a new frontier that sets new standards for the dine-in world in Qatar and beyond. The foundation we have set will be a launching pad for a new trend in the dining industry.”

She continues by saying: “Studies show that everything we eat is connected to our gut wellbeing, mental health, and overall wellness. Ayurveda practices and Indian traditions have discovered that ages ago. Vedic food is believed to heal the root causes of our health problems. Tastes and aromas of this menu will take you back in time and remind you of how your grandparents used to cook, using simple, unprocessed, and locally produced ingredients. Reality is that healthy food is tasty.”

Additionally, Surjan Singh, known as chef Jolly, says: “Health has become an important factor that shapes our lives these days. The deeper we dig, the more we realize people are looking for healthier dining options and an experience that matches their daily lifestyle. A lot of people have been requesting for vegan and gluten free options. Here we are! We want our guests to know that their health and lifestyle matters to us as well. We are thrilled to be collaborating with wonderful experienced health experts in the field, such as AMNM.”

Expect vibrant colours and big electrifying flavours. Think bright plant-powered bowls, with a choice of interesting starters and hot dishes packed with goodness such as sweet potato, spinach, turmeric, ginger, omega rich seeds and much more.

The Shorba, which is the first item on the menu, is a mind-blowing intense burst of flavours and a perfect combination of citrus and spice. The dash of carrots gives it an additional twist.

Extremely light, this dish makes an excellent starter. Another fascinating dish is the roasted sweet potatoes, which serves as a unique and interesting entrée. Its colours will remind you of a fresh summer day blooming with a mixture of wonderful tastes that just burst in your mouth. The hint of coriander gives it a pinch of freshness and savouriness.

Moving on to the main course, the Tandoori roasted Portobello mushrooms is simply a well-presented masterpiece. The mustard oil ingredient used in this dish gives it an exquisite aroma that fills up the room, with an intense and smoky dressing. The steel cuts oat dish, known as the Khichdi, is another impressive dish. Pair any of your favourite dishes with the multigrain Tandoori Roti, made from flax seeds, and you got yourself a fulfilling well-balanced nutritious meal. The baked veggies are unmissable. This is an absolute party in a bowl kind of dish. Asparagus, green beans, broccoli, skinless almonds seasoned with garlic and red chilli make it a perfect, flawless side dish.

The guilt-free raw desserts really shine on the menu using natural sweeteners only, with no extra added sugar, all of which are vegan. The instagramable Avocado and dark chocolate mousse, berries and handmade granola, is just as tasty and creative as it can be. The Kuffli is mesmerizing, made with only 3 key ingredients, this desert will make you fall head over heels. Finally, the sorbet of the season is just what you need to feel refreshed after a light meal. A selection of healthy juices and smoothies are also available on the menu.

Whichever dish you choose, you can guarantee hearty, fresh food paired with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Guests exploring the restaurant’s new menu are invited to an enhanced experience starting June 13th, making their dining journey healthier and more enjoyable. All prices are a la carte.

Riyasat is open daily for lunch and dinner from 12pm until 12am. Reserve by calling +974 4424 4856 or connecting directly on WhatsApp on +974 5053 4103.

Facebook: @riyasatdoha


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