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Doha Fire Station is opening its doors to two exhibitions on the same day - Abeer Al-Tamimi: Beyond the Rules and Abstraction: Subverting Reality.

Abeer Al-Tamimi: Beyond the Rules is a solo exhibition that deeply dives into the artist’s interest in human interaction and behavior. According to the survey which Al-Tamimi conducted during her residence at Cité internationale des Arts in Paris in 2021, people are entitled and live in a bubble that invokes a negative behaviour. Starting from that moment this theme became important to the artist and she has been exploring it till the present time. This interest reflects on all her creative development.

For Al-Tamimi, it is fascinating to explore how diverse cultures have different ways of interpreting behaviors and emotions—and that we can all agree to one basic ideology of coexistence. Her projects explore the negative effects of self-righteous beliefs and factors that shape the subconscious and conscious mind that can navigate a person to undesirable consequences. This entails understanding and respecting one another rather than forcing one’s opinion or belief on the other. "Our strength lies in our differences, there is strength in this diversity that breaks the boundaries within us."— the artist stated.

Abeer Al-Tamimi is a multi-disciplinary, experimental artist who introduces unconventional materials and elements into her work seeking new forms of expression. She is engrossed in social issues of today, further transforming them into abstract and contemporary styles that people can relate to.

Abstraction: Subverting Reality exhibition, curated by Amal Zeyad Ali. The exhibition is on view until September 24th, 2022.

The exhibition offers more than 25 works of multidisciplinary contemporary artists: Noor Abuissa, Amna Al-Baker, Shaikha Al-Hardan, May Al-Mannai, Hassan Al-Mulla, Ebtisam Al Saffar, Ryan Browning, Sarah Jayyousi, Jesse Payne, Michael Perrone, and Twiggy Shmeissany.

Abstraction in art goes beyond the five senses, creating a unique sixth sense—the sixth sense being an uncanny feeling that is not articulately described. No abstract piece is the same. No experience of abstract work is the same. In that sense, it is the most idiosyncratic form of art. The artist goes beyond reality to try to express what there are no strong words for through shapes, lines, and colors to explore ideas far out of the canvas and our physical reality.

The exhibition reflects different techniques, colors and shapes. It includes painting, drawing and sculpture. The exhibition features artists from past and current residency programmes at the Fire Station, as well as newcomers to the Fire Station that were invited to participate. It presents a range of artworks by each of the 11 artists, encouraging the viewer to be empowered to see what they want to represent by each piece and to receive a unique experience.

“Curating this exhibition was a lot of fun as every artist had a different perspective or style of work. I think it’s a great way to show the richness of the local art scene here in Qatar which is one of the primary aims of the Fire Station. Not a single visitor will have the same experience at coming to this exhibition!” – said Curator, Amal Zeyad Ali


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