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Ajmal Perfumes Launches New Sensorial Experience with Dahn Al Oud Qadeem

An oriental masterpiece from the House of Ajmal.

Ajmal Perfumes, the region's leading fragrance house and retailer, presents Dahn Al Oudh Qadeem Eau de Parfum. A timeless classic in the Ajmal range of the finest oriental fragrances, Dahn Al Oudh Qadeem is now available for consumers to relish this opulent essence in a spray form.

Crafted specifically for Connoisseurs of regal fragrances on the perpetual hunt for rare and intricate blends that are ethereal yet rooted in tradition. Dahn Al Oudh, the pure oil extract of matured Indian agarwood trees and Hindi Oud, is the most coveted oriental perfume, highly sought after for its complex scent that unravels over several hours, imparting a lasting fragrance, and add a traditional touch that invokes a sense of magic and mystique by enveloping the wearer in an unmistakable aura illuminating throughout the day. Dahn Al Oudh Qadeem is all about being grounded to tradition and the nobility in wearing the finest of fragrances the east has to offer. This intensely hypnotic fragrance is the epitome of fine taste, making Ajmal the veritable kings of Oud.

"Dahn Al Oudh Qadeem has been created for those individuals who enjoy opulent fragrances, who have a discerning taste and a desire to make a lasting impression even after they leave. Dhan Al Oudh Qadeem, leaves you with a feeling of familiarity, of days past, of times spent with loved ones. A fragrance deep rooted in your past and traditions.” says Abdulla Ajmal, Deputy COO, Ajmal Perfumes

This exquisite fragrance comes in a glass bottle and is housed in a black box with intricate gold foiling depicting the color of Indian agarwood and Hindi Oud. The 30ml fragrance is priced at AED 315 and is available in all Ajmal showrooms and online at


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