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Akillis - New Capture Me Creations

A blend of seduction And rock-chic spirit, Akillis sees jewelry As An expression of the fire of life. its consuming pAssion for diAmonds And grAphic lines comes to the fore once AgAin in this new creAtive vAriAtion on the iconic cApture me triAngle motif.

The brand’s iconic asymmetrical whetted teeth buck conventions, capturing love in a different guise. Shark teeth, saw blade, bear trap? The contours lend themselves to an infinite variety of fantasy-laden visions. Imbued with timeless energy, this shifting symbol of seduction exhibits a bold and modern essence: it upends the world of jewelry, exploring an original, no-frill lexicon around love.

As a tribute to this rock romance, the motif has been redesigned in new circular pieces that rock to and fro with every movement.

Mounted on a chain or string, the collection’s new creations are available in white gold set with white diamonds or in yellow gold. Resolutely unisex, they can be mixed and matched daily for a sophisticated rock flair.


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