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New dishes bringing guests a progressive taste of the Pan-Asian cuisine style exclusive to Zengo

Zengo, the award-winning renowned Pan-Asian restaurant, launched an exclusive new menu in celebration of its third anniversary in Qatar.

The new A La Carte menu from Zengo was introduced during a special Chef’s Table, hosted by Executive Chef, Marko Maric. Doha’s foodies, cuisine aficionados, media, and select VIP guests were the first guests to savour the innovative dishes, as the chef took them on a 3-hour gourmet journey to explore the inspiration behind each plate. The menu has been launched to the public and is available now.

Zengo is a pan-Asian contemporary restaurant that is inspired by the travels of the Chef Richard Sandoval, with incredible views of Doha’s glitzy skyline from the 61st floor in the Kempinski Residences and Suites Hotel in West Bay.

Chef Sandoval said: “The industry is constantly evolving and demanding unorthodox approaches for hospitality and dining, that’s why innovation and reinvention are very important aspects of Zengo. I am very happy we have been in Qatar for three years and I am proud of the new culinary victory that the team has achieved with this new menu merging the best of Latin and Asian cuisines.” 

Zengo was introduced in the market in 2016 as an pan-Asian restaurant with many other competitors in the market. The restaurant took a chance to create its own unique menu, the result of a year-long of extensive testing and research by Chef Marko alongside other chefs bringing different profiles and backgrounds to create the Zengo magic.

After three years of being Doha’s favourite pan-Asian restaurant, Zengo marked this occasion with a fresh slate of progressive recipes, representing a fusion of ingredients from around the world with classic Asian flavours with the touch of Latin. 

Highlights of the new menu include seafood delights such as the 4 Way Nigiri. This plate uses four ingredients symbolizing the four layers of the earth. The uni gunkan, the sea urchin, represents the bottom of the sea, then the O Toro nigiri, the most desired part of the tuna, is used as the sea layer, and then the Omi tenderloin nigiri, one of the best beef brands worldwide, acting as the ground level and finally comes the sky using a combination of foie gras & unagi nigiri.

Other signature dishes include the Aspara Nikumaki, a plate cooked with Asparagus that is brushed with Katsubushi butter, then torched and wrapped within a thin slice of Omi Striploin, to be finally pan seared, sprayed with Yuzu perfume and served with cryo cooked shavings of foie gras. Another uniquely-Zengo dish is Like A Truffle; this delicacy is created to look, smell and taste like a truffle but without actually being this popular mushroom. 

Exceptional desserts are also part of the new offering from Zengo, featuring Matcha fondant Cake, made of matcha leaves, and Seasons of Yuzu, a fruit-like tart inspired by the Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu.

Zengo dishes are a daring combination of Asian and Latin flavours. They are developed with a mandate from Chef Sandoval himself to push the boundaries of cooking, shift away from the conventional approach and execution of Asian cuisine which allows its chefs to invent the dishes that are daring and exciting.

Chef Marko Maric, Head Chef at Zengo added: “This new and exclusive menu is a continued commitment to our vision for presenting innovative modern pan-Asian combinations to our customers. Our plates are for those who are looking to try something new and unconventional. There is something unexpected with every bite, something you could only savour and feel at Zengo.”

General Manager of Richard Sandoval Hospitality, Bojan Petrovic, also said: “We are very proud of the team and the effort they have invested in coming up with an offering so special to mark our third anniversary. I am confident our guests and Doha’s Asian cuisine fans will love it and we look forward to welcoming them and hearing their feedback.” 

Zengo uses several modern in order to give the special attention to each ingredient and let it shine. 

Zengo Doha is one of the three Sandoval’s restaurants in Qatar along with Toro Toro and Maya. The pan-Asian restaurant features a vibrant décor that fuses modern Asian and inventive design, providing the perfect ambience to savour the cuisine and variety of flavours.

Located at Kempinski Residences and Suites, Zengo opens from Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm - 12 am, and Friday from 12.30 pm - 12 am. 

To enjoy a mouth-watering variety of starters, main dishes, and desserts, guests are invited to visit and experience the newly launched menu available now.

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