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Angelina launches four homemade mille-feuille flavours

Set to satisfy your sweet tooth the Parisian café launched their sublime selection of homemade mille-feuille dessert with four unique flavours that celebrate summer; pistachio, vanilla, hazelnut and mixed berries. 

Founded in the French capital in 1903, the iconic Parisian café is known for its rich, old-fashioned L’Africain hot chocolate and bespoke pastries. Just in time for Eid Al Adha diners can delight their palates with the sumptuous homemade selection of mille-feuille desserts. Created daily avec l’amour by the chefs, the new mille-feuille flavours are available at both The Dubai Mall and Zero6 Mall in Sharjah or to take home to celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid with your family and loved ones.

Translating literally to thousand sheets, the Angelina mille-feuille is a delicate summery and fruity pastry. The sweetness of the whipped cream and the crisp of thin layers of caramelized puff pastry, flavored with pistachio, vanilla, hazelnut or mixed berries will delightfully surprise your taste buds. 

Discover a wide selection of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options at Angelina. Embracing traditional Parisian favorites creatively curated with Middle Eastern ingredients, the Parisian café celebrates the “French way of Life”. The famous L’Africain hot chocolate, composed of three carefully selected kinds of African cacao from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, compliments the mille-feuille perfectly.

Angelina Paris is luxurious and authentic, perfectly bringing to life the Parisian charm and elegance of 20th century France, from the Provençalstyle chairs to the Art Deco lighting and wall-mounted mirrors. Elegance, simplicity and tradition are just three things you can expect to find Angelina Paris at their locations in The Dubai Mall and Zero 6 Mall, Sharjah. 


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