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Autumn comes with an adjustment in the skin’s needs. Changes in temperature can cause skin falling out of balance and needing some extra attention. Codex Beauty Labs, the luxurious organic skincare company, provides a selection of skincare products suitable for all skincare needs. Find a moisturizer that suits the skin’s needs and make sure the skin looks and feels its best during the transition to Autumn.

Bia Skin Superfood is the rich, best-selling cream packed with Irish botanicals which address skin hydration leaving the driest of skin types satisfied. Bia, meaning ‘food’ in Gaelic, has a deeply nourishing list of ingredients to help calm the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth. Formulated without any irritating essential oils, this super-cream can be used for the most sensitive skin types, and is ideal to use in-between seasons when the skin needs some extra support.

During the drop in temperatures, one might experience that the moisturizer one used during the warmer summer months, no longer provides sufficient moisture to the skin. One way to support the skin with water-loss is to integrate the use of a facial oil. Using an oil as a last step in one’s skincare routine helps seal in moisture, provide suppleness and elasticity to the skin. Bia Facial Oil is a light, dry oil which helps smooth the skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. This oil is easily absorbed and sinks into the skin while acting as both an emollient and occlusive to provide deep, lasting hydration.

Codex Beauty Labs’ second line of products, Antü is designed to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation using active ingredients found in the rich nature of the Patagonian rainforest. Antü

Brightening Moisturizer is a protective cream which hydrates, helps UV recovery and refines the appearance of pores. The powerful antioxidants in this unique formula helps protect the skin from environmental stressors, and support an optimal skin barrier function. Ingredients in the Antü Brightening Moisturizer restore skin moisture by creating a protective film, allowing the skin to protect itself from outside damage and discomfort.

Optimize the effects of topical skincare by taking extra care of the skin during the night. Antü Brightening Night Cream is a richly nourishing cream that hydrates, nourishes and softens using a plant-based retinol alternative, the Black Jack flower. The Black Jack Flower was traditionally used to dress wounds and is a regenerative ingredient that supports skin in environmental stressors such as the changes in climate. Other ingredients in this formula help brighten and revitalize skin, protects the skin barrier and reduces trans epidermal water loss.

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