The mysteries of Mesopotamia “At once remote and all around.”

What earthly magic lays behind the stories of Babylon? What mysteries of Mesopotamia lie untold? An antique den of iniquity, or the majestic wonder of the ancient world?

A totem of civilisation, the fruit of Mankind’s divinely-inspired towering into the skies and the world’s own potential. Humanity and Nature at the apotheosis of symbiosis. A city of lush plantations and laws. The epicentre of an empire, with the mathematical miracles of Palaces, Temples and Gates. The confluence of imagination, engineering and design?

Nobody really knows.

And so the mystery grows...

A decadent warmth is bathed in vanilla. And otherwise powerful and deep textures, are crafted into a whole that is endlessly voluptuous and smooth. Distinguished notes of sandalwood and cedar are brought to life with saffron and nutmeg, the blend permeated with the addictive scent of vanilla. Quietly reminiscent of the reassuring smell of the divine.









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