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BDK Parfums - Discover our two new creations 2019

David Benedek, founder of BDK Parfums, has imagined two new fragrances for 2019. These two new creations will be part of the Collection Parisienne, completing the 7 existing perfumes of the brand.

«After the launch of Rouge Smoking and Crème de Cuir in september 2018, I have decided to be focused on Paris and to speak about two different subjects that are very important to me : the Palais Royal neighbourhood with Nuit de Sable and the sex appeal of the Parisians with Gris Charnel. Enjoy ! » David


Marie Schnirer, Perfumer Maelstom

top. Cardamom from Guatemala, Nutmeg from Indonesia, Sandalwood from Australia. heart. Rose from Turkey Absolute, Rose oxide, Hot sand accord.

base. Tonka Beans Absolute, Ambroxan, Musk.

1- In the gardens of the Palais Royal, an unexpected encounter that lasts until late into the night.

2- The magic that takes place in the silence of the evening, only footsteps reverberate on gravel sand.

3- It is an ephemeral moment where passion disappears at sun- rise.

4- Reading of hot sand settlement near the roses of the garden, vibrating and mesmerizing.

Nuit de Sable - Eau de Parfum


Mathilde Bijaoui, Perfumer Mane

top. Fig, Black Tea, Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence.

heart. Orris Absolute, Cistus.

base. Bourbon Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tonka Beans Absolute.

1- Infinite shades of grey. As time passes, the beauty of the grey colour is reavealed on the skin and in the streets of Paris.

2- Genuine sandalwood mixed with notes of bourbon vetiver softened by the beauty of a powerful iris.

3- Urban elixir of carnal grey like a seductive potion.

4- A stroll under the silvery moon along the quays, alone or accompanied facing the Seine.

Gris Charnel - Eau de Parfum


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