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With the festive season right around the corner Beautifect has the most luxurious beautify gifts that will elevate all those makeup routines and turn them into an enjoyable effortless daily experience.

Beautifect tools are the perfect addition to all those wish lists, with just the right gifts for everyone. From revolutionary award-winning beauty tools to redefining beauty must-haves. Beautifect is revolutionizing the world of beauty with its innovative products, making daily routines more practical and efficient.

Here is the flawless Beautifect gift guide for the upcoming festive season:

Beauty Bundles: Beautifect have released the perfect beauty tool bundles with all the best-selling products. From the precision tweezers to the crystal nail file to the beauty blender. The Beauty bundles are packed with premium beauty staples are ideal for any last-minute touch-ups. These stocking-filler bundles are not only perfect for the holiday season but are just the right size for those on the go, or when travelling.

Beauty Tools are the perfect addition for any festive gifts.

Complete Brush Collection: Beautifect has created a brush set that includes every tool one needs for a flawless application. The brushes are densely filled with soft, premium quality vegan bristles to seamlessly apply and blend all formulas. The length has been ergonomically designed to fit neatly in the hand without taking up too much space in the luggage. Shorter length and weighted ends make this the ideal travel set without compromising on quality.

Precision Tweezers: Beautifect’s high-tech tweezers are the perfect addition for any last minute gift ideas. The stand-out precision slanted tweezers effortlessly removes even the finest of hairs with minimal discomfort directly from the root, every time. The smooth filed tips are designed to give the perfect grip without pinching the skin. A perfect slanted degree with pinpoint precision steel ends combined with an exacting amount of tension on the finger sized grip results in perfect removal and shaping of unwanted hairs

Pod with Blender is a premium quality blender with its own case, to prevent any harmful bacteria from entering the blender. Beautifully finished in rose gold with Beautifect’s signature nude colour, the Beautifect Blender Pod’s lightweight casing perfectly complements the Beautifect Blender. The chic and compact travel case includes a seamless twisting front and perforated ventilation holes for optimum aeration. This pod and blender set, is just the right gift to add to any goodie bags, or as a gift for anyone just starting out with makeup.

Beautifect Box is the premium gift, catering not only to all those makeup lovers, but also to those who are just starting out in the industry, or to those who tend to complete their makeup routines on the go. This is a game-changing portable dressing table that features industry defining lighting, with expert features. The box has spacious compartments and wings that effortlessly organize all those essential makeup products.


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