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Master your complexion with the unrivalled Beautifect Brushes. In development for over one year, the Beautifect Brush collection has been perfected to bring you 8 pro-level luxury makeup brushes that deliver superior airbrushed results; easing any makeup application for beginners through to PRO’s.

Super soft, densely packed, premium quality bristles help to evenly distribute product, whilst feeling gentle and silky on your skin.

Ergonomic design to fit nearly into your hand for ease of use, no unnecessary long handle. Ideal for simple storage too!

Unique signature weighted ends to aid application; balancing the weight for correct pressure fora flawless buildable coverage.

Beautifect Pouch, crafted in soft, flexible vegan leather is perfectly compact for on the go touch ups.

Brush Guide

1. Contour Brush

Chisel and accentuate your features whilst adding dimension for a sculpted look with our specially designed contour brush. Blend along your cheekbones and confidently brush colour along your jawline, nose and forehead for the ultimate contoured finish.

2. Blush Brush

Luxuriously soft and perfect for cheeks, with soft sweeps you can glide on product effortlessly to add a pop of colour. Each stroke delivers beautiful coverage with maximum colour.

3. Powder Brush

Lightly set your makeup with ease with this fluffy powder brush, per- fect for applying full coverage powder too. The sweeping dome shape helps to lightly feather and buff across your face for a beautiful and even finish. Ample volume and densely filled with incredibly soft bris- tles so everything blends seamlessly with minimal effort.

4. Concealer Brush.

Angled for precision application but soft enough for seamless blend- ing this brush is your go-to for concealing and covering blemishes and imperfections whilst delicately working on the finer under eye areas with minimal effort. Brighten under eyes, boost under brows and get ac- curate coverage every time.

5. Eyeshadow Lid Brush

A beauty kit staple. For a soft and defined look the tapered bristles expertly blend eyeshadow, whilst the dense shape helps to pack makeup onto your lid without excess fall off for a professional finish. The sub- tle rounded edge makes it perfect to precisely apply eyeshadow. Simply work the brush in light circular motions to blend and feather for a sleek finish.

6. Eyeshadow Crease Brush

The flatter crease brush is perfectly dense and soft for precision appli- cation; distributing product evenly for a flawless blend. Effortlessly sweep and buff against the delicate skin of your eyelid crease and eye socket for a defined impactful look.

7/8. Dual End Brush

Double Ended for smudging and combing; this precision tool is perfect for eyes, eyelashes and brows. Use the dedicated spoolie end to elimi- nate clumping by brushing out lashes and brows for a perfectly neat and feathered finish. Use the smaller compact end for expert smudging.

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