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BECAUSE OF LOVE February 2023


A piece of jewelry as an act of love? Towards someone else or towards yourself, for no reason but the best one of all. Because of love. A piece of jewelry as a declaration. This spring, our wedding rings and solitaires are getting a new look and Boucheron is taking its iconic collections into the "Because of Love" universe. Quatre, Serpent Bohème, Vendôme Liseré and Facette are reinventing the codes of love with style, freedom and all the expertise of the workshops at 26 Place Vendôme.

Serpent Bohème Solarité necklace

Serpent Bohème Solarité has a 360-degree radiance. An array of diamond-paved drops unfolds like a halo of light. A precious sliding clasp on the twisted white gold chain allows you to alter the length of this necklace. The other Boucheron touch? Two diamond tassels, signature codes of the House, to caress the wearer's back.

Serpent Bohème Solarité necklace, diamond-paved, in white gold

Serpent Bohème tiara

Inspired by the savoir-faire of High Jewelry, this spectacular white gold tiara paved with diamonds creates a fabulous display of light. It features all the Serpent Bohème codes: the iconic diamond drops and their honeycomb pattern, the precious gold beads and, for an extra touch of luxury, diamonds set in a closed setting.

Serpent Bohème Solarité tiara, diamond-paved, in white gold

Vendôme Liseré pendant earrings

If there's one design we remember, it's that of Place Vendôme. These graphic pendant earrings feature the iconic emerald-cut diamond and its black lacquer outline. A cascade of nine Vendôme Liseré motifs in white gold paved with round diamonds that highlight the precious emerald-cut diamonds. Already a classic.

Vendôme Liseré pendant earrings, set with emerald-cut diamonds, paved with round diamonds, in white gold

Facette bracelet

Every love story has its own stamp, its own personality. And the iconic Facette collection is certainly not lacking in personality. This season it features a stylish bracelet. Made of white gold that has been sculpted and polished into mirrored facets, it offers an ultra-graphic design that will appeal to today's men and women. Wear it next to your skin to highlight all the facets of love.

Facette bracelet in white gold

Quatre solitaires

When you're in love, there's no limit. This season, the Quatre Classique collection goes big with a 0.30 carat round diamond. The brown PVD Clou de Paris ring is paired with a luminous Godron line in pink gold. Two signature codes that are just waiting to be coupled with the wedding rings in the same collection to re-fashion the original Quatre look. A declaration of style and love in perfect freedom.

Quatre Classique solitaire, set with a 0.30 ct round diamond, in yellow gold, pink gold and brown PVD

Why choose when you can have it all. You don't compromise when it comes to love. A line paved with diamonds, a yellow gold Grosgrain ring and this season, a 0.30-carat center diamond for sparkle. This Quatre Radiant Edition solitaire goes perfectly with the Quatre Classique wedding band to recreate the iconic Quatre codes.

Quatre Radiant Edition solitaire, set with a 0.30 ct round diamond, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold and white gold


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